Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) and New Trailer Great Movie You Must Watch!

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) and New Trailer. Great Movie You Must Watch!

Our friendly neighborhood Super Hero decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Jake Gyllenhaal as Quentin Beck / Mysterio
Marisa Tomei as May Parker

Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Flash Thompson: I post videos daily for people to like me!

Happy Hogan: If it wasn’t for those stupid videos, Spider-Man would have never found you.

Flash Thompson: I saved us, guys!

Michelle Jones: If you saved us, then why are we about to die?

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Nick Fury: Beck! What’s your four?

Quentin Beck: Hey William, I need a response!

William Ginter Riva: It’s all the elementals they’ve all merged into something…

Quentin Beck: It’s something else! Something more powerful! It’s storing energy from the earth’s core!

Nick Fury: [to Maria] See now that’s some bullshit.

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Happy Hogan: Hey, sorry I’m late.

May Parker: Happy! Hey.

Happy Hogan: Oh, you look lovely.

May Parker: Thank you, you too.

Happy Hogan: Thank you. New dress?

May Parker: Uh, yeah. Yes, it is. That’s a new beard.

Happy Hogan: It’s my blip beard because I grew it in a blip. Blip beard.

May Parker: I see.

Spider-Man: What just happened?

Mr. Harrington: What do you think it is?

Mr. Dell: You know, being a man of science, witches.

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Flash Thompson: Buzzfeed says there’s a singer named Morris exposed to an experimental underwater generator and got hydro powers.

Michelle Jones: Yeah, you should definitely believe everything you read on the internet.

Flash Thompson: Spider-Man could take him.

[the bar Mysterio and Spider-Man are in is revealed to be a fake]

Quentin Beck: See? That wasn’t so hard. Somebody get this stupid costume off me!

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Ned Leeds: I wasted my whole life playing videogames and we’re gonna die!

Peter Parker: I’ve faced a lot of deception, and I’m tired of the lies. So it’s time for the truth to be out there. Are you dating?

Happy Hogan: Yes.

May Parker: Not really.

Happy Hogan: What? I think…

May Parker: It’s a summer fling.

Happy Hogan: Yes, that evolves and grows like any other. Open to wherever it might lead.

May Parker: I still don’t know where it’s going to go. Anywhere. On or off.

Happy Hogan: And to share with people…

May Parker: But we’ll always be friends, no matter what.

Peter Parker: I’m going to go, because I’ve got a date. Uh, bye.

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Mr. Harrington: Just making rounds, seeing if anyone needs any emotional counseling after today’s traumatic events.

Peter Parker: No we’re okay. We’re- we’re fine. Thank you.

Mr. Harrington: Great. ‘Cause, I’m not- I’m not qualified.

Nick Fury: You got gifts, Parker. But you didn’t want to be here. I’d love to have you in Berlin, but you’ve got to decide whether you’re going to step up or not. Stark chose you. He made you an Avenger. I need that. The world needs that. Maybe Stark was wrong. The choice is yours.

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

[Spider-Man is fighting several armed mobsters in an upper-class restaurant, wearing his Iron Spider armor]

Spider-Man: Let’s keep it moving guys, I got a lot to do today!

[continues to web up several of the mobsters]

Spider-Man: Alright, I’m gonna give this place one star.

[a mobster unloads his entire machine gun on Spider-Man, who falls down but then re-emerges]

Spider-Man: Just kidding, it’s bulletproof!

[as more mobsters attack Spider-Man, he snarkily makes quips at them while webbing them up]

Spider-Man: Guys, guys, I just wanted dressing on the side! Red bell pepper, anyone? That’s it, I’m definitely not giving you a 20% tip!

Spider-Man: Show’s over, Beck.

Top Quotes Spider-Man: Far from Home

Happy Hogan: You handle the suit. I’ll handle the music.

[‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC plays]

Peter Parker: Oh, I love Led Zeppelin!

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Nick Fury: We have a job to do, and you’re coming with us.

Peter Parker: There’s gotta be someone else you can use. What about Thor?

Nick Fury: Off-world.

Peter Parker: Doctor Strange

Maria Hill: Unavailable.

Peter Parker: Captain Marvel.

Nick Fury: Don’t you invoke her name!

Peter Parker: I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Nick Fury: Bitch, please! You’ve been to space.

Quentin Beck: Don’t ever apologize for being the smartest one in the room.

Happy Hogan: I’m in love with Spider-Man’s aunt!

Peter Parker: Everywhere I go, I see his face. I just really miss him.

Happy Hogan: Yeah, I miss him too. I don’t think Tony would’ve done what he did, if he didn’t know you were gonna be here after he was gone.

Peter Parker: MJ, I…

Michelle Jones: …am Spider-Man?

Peter Parker: No. Of course not!

Michelle Jones: I mean it’s… kind of obvious.

Pat Kiernan: We come to you now with revelations about last week’s attack in London. An anonymous source provided this video, it shows Quentin Beck, aka, Mysterio, moments before his death. A warning: You may find this video disturbing.

Mysterio: I managed to send the Elemental back into the dimensional rift but I don’t think I’m gonna make it off this bridge alive. Spider-Man attacked me for some reason. He has an army of weaponized drones, Stark technology. He’s saying he’s the only one who’s gonna be the new Iron Man, no one else.

[cut to altered footage of the Tower Bridge battle]

E.D.I.T.H.: Are you sure you want to commence the drone attack? There’ll be significant causalities.

Spider-Man: Do it. Execute them all.

Pat Kiernan: This shocking video was released earlier today on the controversial news website ‘’

J. Jonah Jameson: There you have it folks: conclusive proof that Spider-Man was responsible for the brutal murder of Mysterio! An interdimensional warrior who gave his life to protect our planet, and who will no doubt, go down in history as the greatest superhero of all time! But that’s not all folks, here’s the real blockbuster. Brace yourselves, you might wanna sit down.

Mysterio: Spider-Man’s real… Spider-Man’s real name is – Spider-Man’s name is Peter Parker!

[cut back to a mortified Spider-Man in NYC]

Spider-Man: What the fu – !

Flash Thompson: [about Mysterio] He’s no Spider-Man.

Michelle Jones: What is it with you and Spider-Man?

Flash Thompson: He looks out for the neighborhood, has a dope suit, and I really respect him.

[Peter walks into the room]

Flash Thompson: ‘Sup, dickwad?

Peter Parker: How could you do all of this?

Quentin Beck: You’ll see, Peter. People… need to believe. And nowadays, they’ll believe anything.


appy Hogan: Heads-up. Nick Fury’s calling you.

[Peter notices his phone ringing]

Peter Parker: I don’t really wanna talk to Nick Fury.

Happy Hogan: Answer the phone.

Peter Parker: Why?

Happy Hogan: Because if you don’t talk to him, I have to talk to him. I don’t want to talk to him.

[Peter declines Fury’s call]

Happy Hogan: You sent Nick Fury to voicemail?

Peter Parker: I gotta go.

Happy Hogan: You do not ghost Nick Fury!

Happy Hogan: I gotta get you guys out of here! Get on the jet!

Michelle Jones: Who are you?

Happy Hogan: I work with Spider-Man!

Flash Thompson: You work for Spider-Man?

Happy Hogan: I work *with* Spider-Man, not *for* Spider-Man!

[jet is suddenly destroyed]

Happy Hogan: New plan!

Peter Parker: Peter Parker here to pick up a passport, please!

Mysterio: If you were good enough, maybe Tony would still be alive.

Mysterio: It’s easy to fool people when they’re already fooling themselves.

Peter Parker: I think Nick Fury just hijacked our summer vacation.

Ned Leeds: Awesome.

[from trailer]

Police Officer: You’re going to be the next Iron Man now?

Spider-Man: Well, no, I don’t have time. I’m too busy doing your job.

Spider-Man: I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Look, keep up the good work ’cause *I* am going on vacation.

Nick Fury: This is Mr. Beck.

Quentin Beck: We can use someone like you in my world.

Peter Parker: Your world?

Nick Fury: Beck is from Earth, just not ours. The Snap tore a hole in our dimension.

Peter Parker: You’re saying there’s a multiverse?

Mysterio: Fury asked me to check you were OK.

Peter Parker: That was nice.

Mysterio: You do have sarcasm on this world, don’t you?

Peter Parker: What’s your password?

Happy Hogan: Password.

Peter Parker: No, what is your password?

Happy Hogan: Password. The word spelled out.

Peter Parker: You’re head of security and your password is “password”?

Happy Hogan: I don’t feel good about it either.

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Mysterio: [to Nick Fury and Maria Hill] Who are you guys?

[Mysterio fights an elemental]

Mysterio: You don’t want any part of this.

Peter Parker: The world needs the next Iron Man.

Happy Hogan: [after throwing a shield like Captain America at a drone but misses badly] How does Cap do that?

Mysterio: You are just a scared little kid in a sweatsuit. I created Mysterio to give the world someone to believe in. I control the truth; Mysterio *is* the truth!

Mr. Harrington: Did I tell you how my wife pretended to blip out? Turns out she ran off with a guy in her hiking group. We had a fake funeral for her and everything… Well the funeral was real. ‘Cause we thought she was really dead.

Spider-Man: Excuse me, sir! I can help! Let me help! I’m really strong and I’m… sticky!

Nick Fury: Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Stark said you wouldn’t get that because it’s not a Star Wars reference.

Michelle Jones: You know, Susan Yang thinks you’re a male escort.

Peter Parker: What? No! Of course I’m not a male escort.

Michelle Jones: Well then you’re Spider-Man.

Mr. Dell: I came for science. I’m leaving ’cause of witches. Welcome to the new dark ages!

Peter Parker: You can’t trick me anymore.

May Parker: Let’s go. Where are your bags? Oh right! They got blown up.

Michelle Jones: Want to go in, on a pair?

Peter Parker: You mean like sit next to each other?

Michelle Jones: Yeah.

Nick Fury: [in Peter’s earpiece] Parker, you in position?

Peter Parker: No…

Michelle Jones: [Thinks Peter is rejecting her] Okay… no?

Nick Fury: [In Peter’s Earpiece] Why the hell not?

Happy Hogan: [To the children he is protecting ] No-one dies on my watch.

Peter Parker: Happy, is that you?

Happy Hogan: Is it me? Yeah, of course, it’s me!

Peter Parker: Stop! Tell me something only you would know!

Happy Hogan: Only I would know… Uh… Remember when we went to Germany? You pay-per-viewed a video in your room? They didn’t list the titles but I could tell by the price that it was an adult film at the front desk, and you didn’t know how I knew…

Peter Parker: Ok ok! Stop!

Nick Fury: How’s the suit?

Peter Parker: It’s a little tight around the ol’ web-shooter.

May Parker: Hungry?

[May throws a banana at Peter and hits him in the face]

May Parker: You can dodge bullets but not bananas?

May Parker: I thought that you could sense that with your Peter-Tingle.

Peter Parker: Please stop saying “Tingle”, May.

Betty Brant: I would totally kiss you but I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Ned Leeds: I- I might have a mint.

Ned Leeds: [to MJ after she finds out Spider-Man’s identity] So, you know too. It’s cool. I mean, I’ve known first and I’ve known longer but, it’s not a competition.

Peter Parker: Uh, I have like a sixth sense.

Happy Hogan: The Peter-Tingle!

Flash Thompson: Yo, Parker! This is called an airplane. It’s like the buses you’re used to, except that it flies over the poor neighborhoods instead of driving through them.