Top Quotes Against Patriotism and Fake Patriots

Top Quotes about Patriotism and Patriots

Patriotism he quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country.
patriotism means love of the country and the people of the country but lately, it was misunderstood people who hate others are Patriots. people who defend the government even if is bad or the president even if he is corrupted.that is why many people hated so-called Patriotism

Bertrand Russell Against Patriotism

i have no country to fight for

Edward Abbey about real patriotism

George Bernard Shaw AGAINST  patriotism

Einstein i hate patriotism

Charles de Gaulle quote about Parkinsonism

Theodore Roosevelt Patriotism does not stand by president

Bill Hicks about Patriotism i hate Patriotism

Top Quotes Against Patriotism

Top Quotes Against Patriotism Mark Twain

Thomas Paine Quote about Patriotism
Hitler Quote about people who do not think