This Happy Breed (1944) Best Quotes

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This Happy Breed is a 1944 British Technicolor drama film directed by David Lean and starring Robert Newton, Celia Johnson, Stanley Holloway, and John Mills. The screenplay by Lean, Anthony Havelock-Allan and Ronald Neame is based on the 1939 play This Happy Breed by Noël Coward.

Opening shortly after World War I, the film focuses on landmark events in the lives of the working class Gibbons family after they settle in a new home in Clapham in South London. The household includes Frank, his wife Ethel, their three children Reg, Vi, and Queenie his widowed sister Sylvia, and Ethel’s mother. Living next door is Bob Mitchell, who served with Frank in the army.

Starred by Robert Newton, Celia Johnson, Amy Veness

This Happy Breed (1944) Best Quotes

Frank Gibbons: She didn’t pass on, pass over, or pass out! She died!

Ethel Gibbons: There will always be wars as long as men are such fools as to want to go to them.

Frank Gibbons: [putting down the newspaper] Well, they’re cutting down the navy, and they’re cutting down the army. The only thing they don’t seem to be cutting down is unemployed!

Vi: You can’t expect everyone else in the world to think like you do

Frank Gibbons: [at the Wembley exhibition] I brought them here to see the glories of Empire, and all they think about is going on the dodgems…

Narrator: After four long years of war, the men are coming home.

Frank Gibbons: Poor old girl. You must be glad to have another one of your own again. Living with your mother for four years can’t have been all jam, I will say. I think I was better off in the trenches.

Ethel Gibbons: You ought to be ashamed of saying such things!

Frank Gibbons: Your mother’s alright in her way, but that house of hers in Battersea, oh dear. Gave me the willies after five weeks, let alone four years. At least we’ve got a bath here that doesn’t scratch the hide off you.

Bob Mitchell: Blimey, I thought you were as dead as mutton after that night attack when we’d gone on to Givenchy and left you a lot in the mud.

Frank Gibbons: What me, dead as mutton? I’m tougher than that. Only one small ‘ole through me leg in four years!