The Time of Their Lives (1946) best Quotes

Abbott and Costello are, respectively, a butler and a tinker in the Revolutionary War-era United States. They both love the same woman, a maid, but she only has eyes for Lou.
Although Bud hopes to dispatch his rival, a group of soldiers mistakenly shoots and kills Costello and Marjorie Reynolds, thinking them traitors, when in fact Lou has a letter of reference from General George Washington and Reynolds (playing Melody Allen) was just about to expose the real traitors (including her fiancé)

Starred by: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marjorie Reynolds

The Time of Their Lives (1946) best movie quotes

Mildred Dean: [to Emily] Pardon me, but did I see you in “Rebecca?”


Horatio Prim: [he and Melody collide and are wearing each other’s clothes] Odds bodkins, we’re all mixed up!

[they run into each other again and get back into their own clothes]

Horatio Prim: Melody, don’t ever do that again, I’m a boy!


Horatio Prim: [after seeing Emily for the first time] Zounds! What well did she come out of?

Melody Allen: Here’s a horse pistol.

[Gives him the gun. Horatio turns to the horse behind him]

Horatio Prim: Here, this is for you. Now, what do I shoot with?

Mildred Dean: [to June about Dr. Greenway] Last week he said that the rash I had wasn’t an allergy, it was a guilt complex because I kicked your grandma in the bustle when I was 2 years old.


Sheldon Gage: Come on Ralph, now tell us what happened.

Cuthbert Greenway: Bottles floating through space, glasses filling up by themselves, and somebody tooted into my stethoscope!


Melody Allen: Horatio, be patient.

Horatio Prim: Be patient? Melody, do you realize that my Nora has been waiting on me for 165 years? And a girl will only wait so long, and no longer!


Melody Allen: [turning on the house’s electric lights] What an astonishing idea… probably got it from Ben Franklin, he’s always inventing things.


Emily: [in a trance and speaking with the voice of Thomas Danbury] Melody, my beloved, it’s Tom. I’ve come to help you.

June Prescott: Oh, Shelly, what does it mean?

Sheldon Gage: It-it must be Danbury speaking through Emily.

Mildred Dean: Oh, fine. A ghost to ghost broadcast.


Horatio Prim: Cuthbert, Melody, it’s Cuthbert! He’s still alive!

Melody Allen: How can that be?

Horatio Prim: I don’t know, they say only the good die young.

Melody Allen: You know no self-respecting ghosts do any haunting before midnight.

Horatio Prim: Alright, I’ll wait. But tonight, I haunt!

Horatio Prim: I don’t want those people coming around here saying,


Horatio Prim: Here lie the dirty traitors! Here lie the dirty traitors!


Horatio Prim: Here lie the dirty traitors.


Melody Allen: [picks up a book] Tom Danbury’s memoirs.

Horatio Prim: His grandmas?


Horatio Prim: Odds, bodkins, and copper pots!