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The Son of Monte Cristo is a 1940 American black-and-white swashbuckling adventure film from United Artists, produced by Edward Small, directed by Rowland V. Lee, that stars Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, and George Sanders.

Top Quotes from The Son Of Monte Cristo 1940

Edmund Dantes Jr.: I’m worn out climbing in and out of windows and up and down chimneys. It’ll be such a relief to go through an ordinary door again.

Opening crawl: Menaced by more powerful nations, the country of Lichtenburg – tiny but proud – is known as the Jewel of the Balkans. Steeped in the ancient traditions of romance and chivalry, her people hold unswerving loyalty to the throne – on which now sits the young Grand Duchess Zona, who rules under the sinister shadow of one man, General Gurko Lanen.

Innkeeper: After great effort, I, Hercules Schneider, have found you the only carriage in Petsh. Of course, the horses may not be the best in the world…

Countess Mathilde: Can they walk?

Innkeeper: Oh, yes, Madam!

Countess Mathilde: That’s all that’s necessary. Point them to Paris and start them moving.

Innkeeper: Tonight, madam?

Countess Mathilde: Certainly, tonight!

Innkeeper: But it’s dark!

Countess Mathilde: You don’t say. It usually is at night.

[In the catacombs, General Lanen finds the Resistance hideout deserted. A table has been set with several well-dressed skeletons sitting in chairs around it. A message has been written in chalk on the table top]

Message: Baron Von Neuhof and I regret not being present to receive you in person but you should feel perfectly at home in such company – The Torch.

Gen. Gurko Lanen: The Torch! Whoever he is, this ‘Torch’ is dangerous. He has a sense of humor.


Gen. Gurko Lanen: The power of diplomacy lies in the fact that people never discover the truth until it’s too late.

Edmund Dantes Jr.: By the time they figure out where we are, we won’t be there.


[first lines]

Colonel Zimmerman: Turnkey! Bring out the prisoner William Gluck.

Turnkey: Yes, Colonel.

[opens cell]

Turnkey: Come out!

William Gluck: I thought you were in a hurry to get me in.


Colonel Zimmerman: If you value your life, give us the names of your accomplices!

William Gluck: I don’t value it that highly.

Gen. Gurko Lanen: Gluck, that was your second mistake. Men like you never realize I can rule you collectively because I can master you individually.

Guard: Who are you?

Edmund Dantes Jr.: My friend here will introduce me.

[he brandishes his sword and the fight begins]

Edmund Dantes Jr.: [to Gurko Lanen] I fear your fall will be as spectacular as your rise!