The Other Woman (2014) Trailer and Top Quotes

The Other Woman (2014) Trailer and Top Quotes

In New York, the successful lawyer Carly Whitten is in love with her handsome boyfriend Mark King and she expects to introduce him to her father Frank. However Mark tells her that he needs to travel to his house in Connecticut since his housemaid has just reported a plumbing problem in the basement and he need to fix it. Carly decides to travel to meet him without previous notice and she finds that Mark is married with Kate King. Carly returns to New York and on the next morning, Kate visits her at her job to get information about her relationship with her husband. They conclude that he is a cheater and befriend each other. Soon they learn that Mark has a younger girlfriend, Amber, and they befriend her. The trio decides to team-up and plot revenge against Mark.

The other woman top quotes

Carly Whitten: I can’t talk to you until you stop crying.
Kate King: [muffled crying] I want to. Let me just… I’m sorry. I just am sad.
Carly Whitten: Then cry on the inside like a winner.

Lydia: Selfish people live longer.

Carly Whitten: You screw me , I screw you back. I’m a lady like that.

Kate King: [referring to Amber] Can we keep her?
Carly Whitten: No, we can’t keep her. We already have a dog at home.

Carly Whitten: Between the two of us he has the perfect woman, what else would he need?
Kate King: The one thing we’re not giving him: sex.

Carly Whitten: If we find anymore mistresses I’m going to have to send her to rehab.

Carly Whitten: Sorry. I’m usually a fun date. I am.
Phil: I’m having fun.
Carly Whitten: Yeah?
Phil: Not a lot of it, but some.

Carly Whitten: You wrecked two marriages!
Lydia: One of them was mine, so that doesn’t count.

Carly Whitten: You slept with him, didn’t you? One night and you went right back to being a Stepford.

Carly Whitten: We got played by the same guy… do you want vodka or tequila?

Carly Whitten: He’s married, OK. He has a wife.
Lydia: And you don’t think you can take her?

Kate King: Don’t come at me with all your weird little man logic.

Frank: Put on something sexy, get your ass to Connecticut, and fix that young man’s pipes.

Mark King: I wouldn’t even be me without you. I might not always get it right, but I’m right where I want to be.

Kate King: They should have that for your brain. Like a brain camp. Oh, really, you can go, and you lay on the beach and get tan and drink ginkgo balboa all day and then you come back and you’re super smart.
Mark King: It’s ginkgo biloba. Balboa was Rocky.
Kate King: Right. See? See? That’s why I need to go to brain camp.

Kate King: [after Amber suggests getting a friend to sleep with Mark] We are not hiring a hooker to sleep with my husband!
Amber: She’s not a hooker, she’s just a slut.