The Hateful Eight (2015) top movie quotes

The Hateful Eight (2015) top movie quotes

The Hateful Eight (2015) top movie quotes
The Hateful Eight (2015) top movie quotes

The Hateful Eight (2015) top movie quotes

The Hateful Eight (2015) top movie quotes

Sometime after the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming landscape. Bounty hunter John Ruth and his fugitive captive Daisy Domergue race towards the town of Red Rock, where Ruth will bring Daisy to justice. Along the road, they encounter Major Marquis Warren (an infamous bounty hunter) and Chris Mannix (a man who claims to be Red Rock’s new sheriff). Lost in a blizzard, the bunch seeks refuge at Minnie’s Haberdashery. When they arrive they are greeted by unfamiliar faces: Bob, who claims to be taking care of the place while Minnie is gone; Oswaldo Mobray, the hangman of Red Rock; Joe Gage, a cowpuncher; and Confederate general Sanford Smithers. As the storm overtakes the mountainside, the eight travelers come to learn that they might not make it to Red Rock after all

The Hateful Eight (2015) top movie quotes

Major Marquis Warren: Move a little strange, you’re gonna get a bullet. Not a warning, not a question…
Major Marquis Warren: A bullet!

[Major Warren shoots Daisy in the foot after she tells Chris Mannix to shoot him]
Daisy Domergue: [screaming] Jesus Christ!
Major Marquis Warren: Oh, you believe in Jesus now, huh, bitch? Good, ’cause you ’bout to meet him!

Major Marquis Warren: When the handbill says “dead or alive”, the rest of us just shoot you in the back from up on top a perch somewhere and bring you in dead over a saddle.
Major Marquis Warren: But when John Ruth the Hangman catches you…
[Warren winks]
Major Marquis Warren: You hang!

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [about bounty hunting] No one said this job was supposed to be easy.
Major Marquis Warren: Nobody said it’s supposed to be that hard, either!

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang.

Daisy Domergue: [smiles] When you get to hell, John, tell them Daisy sent you…

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Yeah, Warren, that’s the problem with old men. You can kick ’em down the stairs, and say it’s an accident, but you can’t just shoot ’em.

Oswaldo Mobray: The man who pulls the lever, that breaks your neck will be a dispassionate man. And that dispassion is the very essence of justice. For justice delivered without dispassion, is always in danger of not being justice.

[first lines]
Major Marquis Warren: [looks up coolly as a stagecoach pulled by horses approaches] Got room for one more?

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [to Major Warren] Major Marquis Warren, this here is Daisy Domergue.
[to Daisy]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Domergue, to you, this is Major Warren.
Daisy Domergue: Howdy, nigger.
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [to Major Warren, laughing] She’s a pepper, ain’t she?
[to Daisy]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Now, girl, don’t you know darkies don’t like being called niggers no more? They find it offensive.
Daisy Domergue: I’ve been called worse.
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Now that, I can believe.

Jody: How ya doin’, dummy?
Daisy Domergue: Better now I see your ugly face.

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Now, Daisy, I want us to work out a signal system of communication. When I elbow you real hard in the face, that means: shut up.

Sheriff Chris Mannix: May I sit down, sir?
General Sandy Smithers: According to the Yankees, it’s a free country.

Minnie Mink: Hey, Dave, ask me if my ass is fat!
Sweet Dave: What?
Minnie Mink: Ask me if my ass is fat!
Sweet Dave: It is.
Minnie Mink: I said ask me.
Sweet Dave: Why?
Minnie Mink: Just do it!
Sweet Dave: Is your ass fat?
Minnie Mink: Oui. Look at that y’all, I can speak French.

Sheriff Chris Mannix: The nigger in the stable has a letter from Abraham Lincoln?

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [From trailer] This here is Daisy Domergue.
[Daisy waves to people in the haberdashery]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: She’s wanted dead or alive for murder. When that sun comes out, I’m taking this woman to hang!
[Daisy mockingly performs a hanging motion on herself]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: There anybody here committed to stopping me from doing that?

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: One of them fellas is not what he says he is…

Oswaldo Mobray: [smiles] Well, well, well! Looks like Minnie’s Haberdashery’s about to get cosy for the next few days.
[sips his hot coffee and smirks]
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Yes, it does…

Major Marquis Warren: [narrating] Now, what would make a man brave a blizzard and kill in cold blood? I’m sure I don’t know! You’d be surprised what a man would do…
[pauses and laughs]
Major Marquis Warren: Starting to see pictures, ain’t ya?

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Ain’t no way I’m spending a couple of nights under a roof with somebody I don’t know who the hell… so who are you?

Major Marquis Warren: The only time black folks are safe, is when white folks is disarmed. And this letter, had the desired effect of disarming white folks.

Major Marquis Warren: Come out of there you bushwhacking sack shooter by the time I count to 3, or I will shoot this bitch in the face.

[repeated line]
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Well, I’ll be double-dog damned!

Oswaldo Mobray: Till they invent a trigger a woman can’t pull, if you’re a hang man, you’re going to hang woman.

Daisy Domergue: [after Warren hits her in the face for spitting a huge wad on his “Lincoln letter”] Is this the way niggers treat their ladies?
Major Marquis Warren: [angrily makes a snowball] You are *NOT* a GODDAMNED *LADY!*
[he throws the snowball at her]

singing “Jim Jones at Botany Bay” as she keeps tabs on John Ruth
Daisy Domergue: Listen for a moment, lads, and hear me tell m’ tale / How o’er the sea from England shore, I was condemned to sail / The jury found me guilty, sir, and said the judge, said he / For life, Jim Jones, I sentence you across the stormy sea. Take my tip before you ship to join the iron gang / Don’t be too gay in Botany Bay or else you’ll surely hang / Or else you’ll surely hang, says he, and after that, Jim Jones / High up… high up upon… high up upon the gallows tree, the crows will pick your bones. You’ll have no chance for mischief there, remember what I say / They’ll flog the poaching out of you out there in Botany Bay / Waves were high upon the sea, the winds a-pproacing gales / I’d rather drowned in misery than gone to New South Wales. The waves were high upon the seas when the pirates came along / The soldiers on the convict ship were full five hundred strong / They opened fire and somehow drove that pirate ship away / I’d rather joined that pirate ship than gone to Botany Bay. And one dark night, when everything is quiet in the town…
[sees John Ruth and O.B. pouring cups of coffee]
Daisy Domergue: I’ll kill you bastards one and all, I’ll gun the floggers down/ Give them all a little shock, remember what I say / They’ll yet regret they sent Jim Jones in chains to Botany Bay.
[John Ruth walks up to her with coffee]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: That’s the one you like to sing in the stagecoach, huh?
Daisy Domergue: Yeah.
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: It’s kind of pretty. Got another verse to it?
[takes a sip of the coffee]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Well, go ahead. Sing it.
Daisy Domergue: [smiles coyly] Whatever you say, John.
[returns to singing]
Daisy Domergue: Now day and night the irons clang and like poor galley slaves / Toil and toil and when we die must fill dishonored graves / Bye and bye, I’ll break m’ chains and to the bush I’ll go / And you’ll be dead behind me, John, when I get to Mexico.
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Give me that guitar!
[rips the guitar out of Daisy’s hands
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Music time’s over!
[proceeds to smash the guitar against a support beam

Major Marquis Warren: What charms this bitch got, to make a man brave a blizzard and kill in cold blood? I’m sure I dunno.

[commanding the horses to charge near Minnie’s Haberdashery]
O.B Jackson: GET IN, BOYS!
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Major Marquis Warren: He was pretty old. I done had him for a bit. When the weather took a turn for the worse, it got too much for him.
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: That’s too bad.
Major Marquis Warren: Yes, it is. Me and ‘ol Lash rode alotta miles together. You might say he was my best friend, if I considered stupid animals friends, which I don’t.
Major Marquis Warren: Never the less, I’m gonna miss him.

Major Marquis Warren: [says coolly as he sits at the table and loads his gun] Let’s slow it down. Let’s slow it waaaay down…

Sheriff Chris Mannix: WHOO HAW! Now we’re talkin’!

Sheriff Chris Mannix: ‘Cuz when niggers are scared, that’s when white folks are safe.

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [about Mannix] If he’s a goddamn sheriff, then I’m a monkey’s uncle!
Daisy Domergue: Good, then you can go share bananas with your nigger friend in the stable!

Joe Gage: A bastard’s work is never done.

Major Marquis Warren: You think I’d make a move with that fella, or her?
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: That’s my problem, I don’t know!

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: One of them fellas’ll kill everybody in here…

Sheriff Chris Mannix: [Before stepping into the coach, after John Ruth and Major Marquis Warren shake hands on protecting each other’s bounties from him] Well, ain’t love grand? Y’all wanna lie on the ground and make snow angels together?

Oswaldo Mobray: Precautions must be taken because life is too sweet to lose.

General Sandy Smithers: I don’t know that nigger. But I know he’s a nigger. And that’s all I need to know.

Sweet Dave: [about having Bob watching him play chess with General Smithers] I like whipping this old man’s ass in front of an audience.
General Sandy Smithers: You ain’t whipping shit!

Major Marquis Warren: [to Bob about Sweet Dave traveling to the Northside with Minnie] I can’t imagine Sweet Dave liftin’ his fat ass outta his chair long enough to fetch well water unless Minnie was laying a frying pan upside his head; no less taking trips to the Northside!

Major Marquis Warren: [to Daisy] Gimme that fucking gun! Don’t test me, bitch!

Major Marquis Warren: Bringing desperate men in alive, is a good way to get yourself dead.

Jody: [smiling as he reveals himself at Minnie’s haberdashery] I’m Jody. It’s a pleasant surprise to find such a warm sanctuary in the middle of such a cold hell.

Oswaldo Mobray: Gentlemen, I know Americans aren’t apt to let a little thing like unconditional surrender get in the way of a good war…

Jody: [to Smithers] Remember old man, if my sister doesn’t make it out of this mountain alive, neither do you.

Daisy Domergue: Good one, Warren! Talk that sass, nigger, talk that sass!

Sheriff Chris Mannix: Well, cut my legs off and call me Shorty!

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [while reading Warren’s “Lincoln Letter”] “Ole Mary Todd’s calling, so I guess it must be time for bed.”
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Ole Mary Todd…
[to Warren]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: That gets me.
Major Marquis Warren: [smiles warmly] That gets me, too.
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [turn to Daisy] You know what this is, tramp? It’s a letter from Lincoln. It’s a letter from Lincoln to him.
[points at the Major]
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: They shared a correspondence during the war. They was pen pals. This is just one of the letters.
[Daisy studies the letter and suddenly spits a huge wad on it; Marquis leans over and punches her violently in the face. Daisy falls out of the moving stagecoach with John Ruth shackled with her; they both tumble out in the snow]

Oswaldo Mobray: [John Ruth pounds on the haberdashery door]
[shouting from inside]
Joe Gage: [shouting from inside] The door isn’t open!
Daisy Domergue: [shouting from outside] What?
Oswaldo Mobray: KICK IT OPEN!
Joe Gage: [John Ruth kicks the door open] Shut that door! It’s a goddamn blizzard out there!
Oswaldo Mobray: You have to close the door!
Joe Gage: You have to nail it shut!
Oswaldo Mobray: You have to- you have to nail it shut! HOLD IT SHUT!
Joe Gage: There’s a hammer and nails by the door!
[John Ruth gets the hammer and nails and proceeds to nail the wooden door in]

Joe Gage: You know, looks can be deceiving.

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: What’s your name, buster?
Oswaldo Mobray: [smiles] Well, it most certainly isn’t Buster. It’s Oswaldo Mobray…

Six-Horse Judy: [introducing the passengers who are actually the Domergue gang] Minnie, these are the passengers.
Minnie Mink: [smiles] Well, that ain’t good enough. Take away them rags. Let’s see some faces, let’s hear some names!

Jody: [to Minnie] Judy said something about the best coffee in the world?
Oswaldo Mobray: [smiles] Yes, I do believe Judy did say something about the best coffee in the world!
Minnie Mink: [laughs] Well, I don’t know ’bout all that. But I’ll tell ya what it is: it’s hot and it’s strong and it’s good! And in this snow it sure enough warms your ass up!

Major Marquis Warren: That’s the thing about war Mannix, people die.

Major Marquis Warren: [as he and Chris Mannix are hanging hanging Daisy]
Major Marquis Warren: Hang on, Daisy!

Daisy Domergue: [to Maj. Marquis Warren] Howdy nigger!
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: Don’t you know the darkies don’t like to be called that no more? They find that offensive
Daisy Domergue: I’ve been called worse.
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [laughs] That I can believe!

Jody: The name of the game is patience.

Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to the table] Well I’ll tell you like the Lord told John, a letter from Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have that kinda effect on me. I might let a whore piss on it.
Daisy Domergue: I spit on it.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Good for you, sister!

Oswaldo Mobray: [to John Ruth and Daisy] Well, the bar is open! Follow moi…

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [spitting out the coffee] Jesus Christ, that’s awful! What did that Mexican fellow do, soak his old socks in the pot?

Major Marquis Warren: That blanket was just a heart breakin’ liar’s promise.

Six-Horse Judy: Hi-ya, Minnie!

Major Marquis Warren: Circumstances caused us to take the long way around. My horse couldn’t make it.

Oswaldo Mobray: [laughs] Jolly good!
O.B Jackson: [after busting in the haberdashery out of the blizzard] I AIN’T NEVER GOIN’ OUT IN THAT SHIT EVER AGAIN!

The quote items below may give away important plot points.
Major Marquis Warren: Beggin’ for his life, your boy told me his whole Life Story. And YOU, was in that story General. And when I knew me I had the son, of the Bloody Nigger Killer of Baton Rouge, I knew me I was gonna have some fun! It was COLD the day I killed your boy. And I don’t mean snowy mountain in Wyoming cold… Colder than that. And on that cold day, with your boy at the business end of my gun barrel… I made him STRIP. Right down to his bare ass. Then I told him to start walkin’. I walked his naked ass for two hours… ‘fore the cold collapsed him. Then he commits to beggin’ again. But this time, he wasn’t beggin’ to go home. He knew he’d never see his home again. And he wasn’t beggin’ for his life neither, ’cause he knew that was long gone. All he wanted, was a BLANKET. Now don’t judge your boy too harshly, General. You ain’t never been cold as your boy was that day. You’d be surprised; what a man that cold, would-do-for-a-blanket. You wanna know what your boy did? I pulled my BIG, BLACK, PECKER outta my pants. And I made him crawl in the snow on all fours over to it. Then I grabbed a handful of that black hair at the back of his head… And I stuck my Big Black Johnson right down his goddamn throat! And it was fulla’ blood… so it was warm. Oh, you bet your sweet ass it was warm. And Charles Chester Smithers sucked on that warm black dingus for as loong as he could. Hahahaahaha! Startin’ to see pictures, ain’t ya?

Sheriff Chris Mannix: Now throw out your pistol!
[Jody throws out pistol]
Major Marquis Warren: I bet he got another one.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Now throw out your other pistol!
Jody: I ain’t got another pistol!
Major Marquis Warren: Well, you better shit another pistol out your ass! ‘Cause if you don’t throw one out here in the next two seconds, we gon’ kill this bitch!
[Jody throws out another pistol]

Sheriff Chris Mannix: As my first and final act as the Sheriff of Red Rock, I sentence you, Daisy Domergue, to hang by the neck until dead!

Jody: [suddenly revealing himself from underneath the floorboards aiming his gun up at Warren] SAY ADIOS TO YOUR HUEVOS!

Joe Gage: [confessing to Warren and Mannix] Stop! Alright, I did it! It was me, I poisoned the coffee.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: [laughs shockingly while pointing his gun at Gage] I FUCKIN’ KNEW IT! OHHH, YOU’RE GONNA DIE NOW, YOU MURDERING BASTARD!
[turns to Warren]
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Major Warren, please let me send this ugly son of a bitch to hell!
[to Joe Gage]
Sheriff Chris Mannix: You killed OB. He’s worth ten of you! Warren, can I kill him?

Major Marquis Warren: [to Joe Gage, Bob and Oswaldo] It’s the stew that’s got me thinking.
[to Bob]
Major Marquis Warren: Now how long did you say Minnie’s been gone, a week?
Bob: Si.
Major Marquis Warren: You see, my mama used to make stew and it always tasted the same, no matter to me. There was another fella on the plantation, Uncle Charley, he made stew, too. And like my mama, I ate his stew from the time I was a whipper ’till I was a full-grown man. And no matter to me, it always tasted like Uncle Charley’s stew.
Major Marquis Warren: Now I ain’t had Minnie’s stew in like six months, so I ain’t no expert…
[Warren points towards the pot of stew]
Major Marquis Warren: But that damn sure is Minnie’s stew. So if Minnie is on the northside just visiting her mama for a week, how’d she make the stew this morning? And this…
[Warren touches Sweet Dave’s chair]
Major Marquis Warren: This is Sweet Dave’s chair. When I sat in it earlier, I couldn’t believe it. Nobody sits in Sweet Dave’s chair. This may be Minnie’s place, but this is damn sure Sweet Dave’s chair. And if he went to the northside, I’m pretty goddamned sure this chair’d be going with him.
[Warren starts taking the blankets and skins off of the top of the chair, revealing a huge blood stain soaked underneath]
Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to Warren] What’s in the chair?
Major Marquis Warren: Just what I thought. Sweet Dave’s goddamn blood!

Bob: Are you actually accusing me of murder?
Major Marquis Warren: [chuckles] The way I see it, Senior Bob, is whoever is working with her…
[referring to Daisy]
Major Marquis Warren: … ain’t who they say they is, and if it’s you, then Minnie and her man ain’t at her mama’s. They laying out back there dead somewhere.
[to Oswaldo]
Major Marquis Warren: Or if it’s you, little British man, the real Oswaldo Mobray’s laying in a ditch somewhere and you’re just an English fella passin’ off his papers.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Or we go by my theory which is the ugliest guy did it…
[turns to Joe Gage and points his gun at him]
Sheriff Chris Mannix: … which makes it you, Joe Gage!

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: You got business in Red Rock?
Sheriff Chris Mannix: [smiles] Yes, I do!
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: What?
Sheriff Chris Mannix: [smiles wider] I’m the new sheriff!
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [scoffs] Horseshit.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: [keeps grinning] ‘Fraid not!

Narrator: About fifteen minutes have passed since we last left our characters. Joe Gage volunteered to take Smithers’ dead body outside. Straws were drawn to see who’d help him… O.B. lost. Chris, John Ruth and Oswaldo had a vigorous debate about the legality of the self-defense murder that just transpired. Major Marquis Warren, who was supremely confident about the legality of what just transpired ignored them, sat by himself at the table and drank brandy. Captain Chris Mannix donned the dead General’s coat and joined Oswaldo in lighting the candles and lanterns. John Ruth held the door closed while waiting for Joe Gage and O.B. To return. Bob enjoyed a Manzana Roja. Domergue, however, hasn’t moved from her spot at the community dinner table since John Ruth uncuffed her. Let’s go back a bit… Fifteen minutes ago, Major Warren shot General Smithers in front of everybody. But, about forty seconds before THAT, something equally important happened… but not everybody saw it. While Major Warren was captivating the crowd with tales of Black Dicks in White Mouths, Somebody… poisoned the coffee. And the only one to see him do it, was Domergue. That’s why this chapter is called; DOMERGUE’s GOT A SECRET.

Daisy Domergue: [screams furiously as Warren throws the handcuff key in the furnace] YOU GODDAMNED BLACK BASTARD!

Major Marquis Warren: [Warren is shown trying to get his gun; General Smithers retrieves his gun quicker, pointing it at Warren] Whoo…!
[Warren puts his gun back on his hip while chuckling nervously and coolly at the camera]

John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [throws Mannix a pair of handcuffs at his feet outside the stagecoach] Put them on and come inside.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: [grabs the handcuffs and throws them back at Ruth] Nope!
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [stares at him] Then you’ll freeze.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Then you’ll hang!
John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth: [chuckles] How so?
Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to OB who’s sitting on the stagecoach] Stagecoach driver, could you come down here and join us?
O.B Jackson: I gotta hold these horses. I can hear you just fine from up here.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: You just heard me tell this fella that I’m the new sheriff of Red Rock, right?
O.B Jackson: Yeah.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Red Rock is my town now! And I’m gonna enter my town in bounty hunter’s chains? NO, SIR! Sorry bushwackers, I ain’t entering Red Rock that way. When you finally get to Red Rock, you’re going to realize that every goddamn thang I said was right. And I expect you, OB, to tell the townsfolk of Red Rock that John Ruth let their new sheriff freeze to death.
[to John Ruth]
Sheriff Chris Mannix: There ain’t no bounty on my head, bushwacker. You let me die, that’s murder!

Major Marquis Warren: [to Bob] My theory is you are working with the man that poisoned the coffee, and both of ya’ll murdered Minnie, Sweet Dave and who ever else picked this bad luck day to visit Minnie’s harberdashery this morning.
Major Marquis Warren: And at some point, ya’ll intended to bushwack John Ruth and free Daisy.
[Warren stands by Mannix]
Major Marquis Warren: But you didn’t count on the blizzard… and you didn’t count on the two of us.