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This is the second installment of the Thin Man series, the story picks up from where “The Thin Man” left Nick and Nora.

Arriving home after three days on the train, Nick and Nora were looking forward to spending a quiet new year with just each other. But their house was occupied by drunken friends; and Nora’s most uppity relative, the spinster Aunt Katherine, called and insisted that Nora and Nick join her New Year’s Eve family dinner. Nora did not care for her aunt but she agreed to go, mainly to visit her distraught cousin Selma Landis.

Starred by William Powell, Myrna Loy, James Stewart

 After the Thin Man (1936)  best quotes

Nick Charles: You see, when it comes to words like that, an illiterate person…
Polly Byrnes: Whaddaya mean “illiterate”? My father and mother were married right here in the city hall!
Nick Charles: [Leans toward Nora] Having a good time, Mrs. Charles?
Nora Charles: It couldn’t be better.


Nora Charles: Are you packing?
Nick Charles: Yes dear, I’m putting away this liquor.

‘Dancer’, Lichee Club Owner: Have you ever been thrown out of a place, Mr. Charles?
Nick Charles: Let’s see. How many was it up to yesterday, Mrs. Charles?
Nora Charles: Well, uh, how many places were you in, Mr. Charles?

[Last line, as Nick gapes at Nora knitting baby boots]
Nora Charles: And you call yourself a detective.

Nick Charles: Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?
Nora Charles: Not yet. Any complaints or suggestions?
Nick Charles: A few.
Nora Charles: Which?
Nick Charles: Complaints.
Nora Charles: All right shoot.
Nick Charles: Well, you don’t scold, you don’t nag, and you look far too pretty in the mornings.
Nora Charles: All right, I’ll remember: must scold, must nag, mustn’t be too pretty in the mornings.

Nora Charles: I love to watch you sleep. You look so cute. Nicky, have you any pictures of yourself taken as a baby?
Nick Charles: No.
Nora Charles: Aww, that’s a shame. I want to see what you looked like.
Nick Charles: I’ll have some taken in the morning.


Nick Charles: Who was that?
Nora Charles: Oh, you wouldn’t know them, darling. They’re respectable.


Henry the Butler: [Elderly butler has an eccentric way of walking] Walk this way, Sir.
Nick Charles: Well, I’ll try.

Nick Charles: Come on, let’s get something to eat. I’m thirsty.


Selma: Goodnight Nick, and thanks so much for everything. I want to kiss you.
[Looks at Nora]
Selma: May I?
Nora Charles: Go right ahead. But I warn you, it’s a hard habit to get out of.

Nick Charles: Hello, Dancer. Come in, come in.
‘Dancer’, Lichee Club Owner: Once a gumheel, always a gumheel, huh? Well, I don’t like gumheels, but I thought you’d quit it when you married a pot of money.
Nora Charles: Did he call me a pot?


Lum Kee, Lichee Club Co-Owner: You bet you. You catch my brother. You play trick on him.
Nick Charles: No play trick on him, no catch him. You bet you. Is he still in?
Lum Kee, Lichee Club Co-Owner: You bet you. For five years more.

Nora Charles: Do you think she’ll really take him home?
Nick Charles: She’ll take him somewhere, I’m sure of that.
Nora Charles: What do you mean?
Nick Charles: I mean, did I ever tell you that you’re the most fascinating woman this side of the Rockies?
Nora Charles: Wait till you see me on the other side.


Nora Charles: I suppose we ought to decide where we’re going.
Nick Charles: Why, do you care?
Nora Charles: No, but I haven’t any clothes.
Nick Charles: Well, what’s the difference? Saves you the trouble of packing. And I don’t need anything in the world, darling, but you… and a toothbrush.

Nora Charles: Aunt Katherine wants to speak to you.
Nick Charles: What have I done now?
Nora Charles: Do you know why Robert wasn’t here tonight?
Nick Charles: Sure, because he’s smart.
Nora Charles: I’m not fooling, darling, he’s disappeared.
Nick Charles: That’s swelling. Now if we could just get Aunt Katherine to disappear…

Nick Charles: How do you do? I’d like to get this gal out of the woman’s tank.
Prison Matron: Oh, yes. Is this the one that was doing the fan dance?
Nick Charles: Fan dance?
Prison Matron: Yes.
Nick Charles: Well, if it is, she’s been holding out on me.

Polly Byrnes: Say, is that Mrs. Landis?
Nick Charles: Yep, want to meet her?
Polly Byrnes: No thanks, I’ve had enough of this family.


Nick Charles: Good morning!
Lieutenant Abrams, San Francisco Homicide Squad: Good evening.
Nick Charles: Uh, yes, good evening. Will you have some breakfast?
Lieutenant Abrams, San Francisco Homicide Squad: Thanks, I just had dinner.
Nick Charles: I give up.