Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

A former Roman General sets out to exact vengeance against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family and sent him into slavery.

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

 by Top Gladiator Movies Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movies Quotes

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Top Gladiator Movie Quotes 2000

Quintus: People should know when they’re conquered.
Gen. Maximus: Would you, Quintus? Would I?

Maximus: The frost.. sometimes it makes the blade stick

Proximo: And the great whore will suckle us until we are fat and happy and can suckle no more.

Maximus: Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity.

Proximo: You should see the Colosseum Spaniard. Fifty-thousand Romans… watching every movement of your sword… willing you to make that killer blow. The silence before you strike and the noise afterwards. It rises. It rises up… like a storm. As if you were the thunder god himself.
Proximo: You should see the Colosseum Spaniard. Fifty-thousand Romans watching every movement of your sword, willing you to make that killer blow. The silence before you strike and the noise afterwards. It rises. It rises up like a storm. As if you were the thunder god himself.

Maximus: My name is Gladiator

Proximo: Gladiators… I salute you.

Juba: I will see you again, but not yet. Not yet.

Commodus: If you’re very good, tomorrow night I’ll tell you the story of emperor Claudius who was betrayed by those closest to him, by his own blood. They whispered in dark corners and went out late at night and conspired and conspired but the emperor Claudius knew they were up to something. He knew they were busy little bees. And one night he sat down with one of them and he looked at her and he said, “Tell me what you’ve been doing busy little bee or I shall strike down those dearest to you. You shall watch as I bathe in their blood.” And the emperor was heartbroken. The little bee had wounded him more deeply than anyone else could ever have done.
Commodus: If you’re very good, tomorrow night I’ll tell you the story of emperor Claudius who was betrayed by those closest to him, by his own blood. They whispered in dark corners and went out late at night and conspired and conspired but the emperor Claudius knew they were up to something. He knew they were busy little bees. And one night he sat down with one of them and he looked at her and he said, ‘Tell me what you’ve been doing busy little bee or I shall strike down those dearest to you. You shall watch as I bathe in their blood.’ And the emperor was heartbroken. The little bee had wounded him more deeply than anyone else could ever have done.

Marcus Aurelius: I am dying, Maximus. When a man sees his end, he wants to know there was some purpose to his life. How will the world speak my name in years to come? Will I be known as the philosopher? The warrior? The tyrant? Or will I be the emperor who gave Rome back her true self? There was once a dream that was Rome.

Maximus: What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Maximus: What We Do In Life, Echos In Eternity.
Maximus: What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Lucilla: Is Rome worth one good man’s life? We believed it once. Make us believe it again. He was a soldier of Rome. Honor him.
Gracchus: Who will help me carry him?

Juba: You have a great name. He must kill your name before he kills you.

Lucilla: Today I saw a slave become more powerful than the Emperor of Rome.

Gracchus: I don’t pretend to be a man of the people. But I do try to be a man for the people.

Marcus Aurelius: There was once a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile.

Maximus: At my signal, unleash hell!

Marcus Aurelius: Death smiles us all. All a man can do is smile back.

Commodus: A general who became a slave. A slave who became a gladiator. A gladiator who defied an emperor.

Maximus: Father to a murdered son. Husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Maximus: Are you not entertained?

Proximo: Ultimately, we are all dead men. Sadly we cannot choose how but we can decide how we meet that end in order that we are remembered as men
Proximo: Ultimately, we are all dead men. Sadly we cannot choose how but we can decide how we meet that end in order that we are remembered as men.

Maximus: “What we do in life…..echoes in eternity”
Maximus: What we do in life… echoes in eternity.

Proximo: We are nothing but dust and shadows. Dust and shadows!

Maximus: At my signal….. unleash hell!

Maximus: Five thousand of my men are out there in the freezing mud. Three thousand of them are bloodied and cleaved. Two thousand will never leave this place. I will not believe they fought and died for nothing.

Juba: Can they hear you?
Maximus: Who?
Juba: Your family. In the afterlife.
Maximus: Oh yes.
Juba: What do you say to them?
Maximus: To my son – I tell him I will see him again soon. To keep his heels down while riding his horse. To my wife… that is not your business.

Maximus: My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Maximus: Strength and honor


Quintus: I’m sorry, Ceaser has spoken. Ride until dawn… and then execute him.
Maximus: Quintus look at me, look at me! Promise me that you will you look after my family.
Quintus: Your family will meet you in the afterlife.
Maximus: NO! (Is hit in the head by a sword and falls unconscious)

Juba: I will see you again… but not yet. Not yet!

Proximo: You have sold me queer giraffes.

Maximus: Brothers, what we do in life… echoes in eternity.

Commodus: Am I not merciful? AM I NOT MERCIFUL?
Commodus: Am I not merciful? [Lucilla turns her head]

Juba: [to his dead friend] I will see you again… but not yet… not yet…
Juba: I will see you again… but not yet… not yet.

Maximus: Are you not Entertained?
Maximus: [after swiftly dispatching another gladiator] Are you not entertained?

Commodus: it vexes me. I am extremely vexed
Commodus: It vexes me. I’m terribly vexed.

Maximus: At my signal, unleash hell.

Maximus: Maximus: Strength and Honour

Maximus: My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Maximus: Father to a murdered son. Husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Maximus: Are you not entertained?

Commodus: Your Emperor asks for your loyalty, Maximus. Take my hand, I only offer it once.

Gracchus: I don’t pretend to be a man of the people. But I do try to be a man for the people.

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Operation Finale 2018 Trailer and Top Quotes

Operation Finale 2018 Trailer and Top Quotes

Director Chris Weitz’s historical thriller is based on the story of how a group of Israeli secret agents arrested notorious SS officer Adolf Eichmann – the man who masterminded the “Final Solution” – in Argentina. Oscar Isaac plays the legendary Mossad agent Peter Malkin, while Ben Kingsley plays his emotionally manipulative arch-nemesis. After tracking Eichmann down to Buenos Aires, Malkin and his men captured him and brought him to Israel for a historic 8-month trial.

Stars: Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley, Mélanie Laurent

Operation Finale 2018 Top Quotes

David Ben-Gurion: Our memory reaches back through recorded history. The book of memory still lies open. And you here now are the hand that holds the pen. If you succeed, for the first time in our history we will judge our executioner. And we will warn off any who wishes to follow his example. If you fail, he escapes justice, perhaps forever. I beg you. Do not fail.

Adolph Eichmann: My job was simple: Save the country I loved from being destroyed. Is your job any different?

Operation Finale 2018 Trailer

The White Ribbon (2009) Top Quotes and Review

The White Ribbon (2009) Top Quotes and Review 


 Christian FriedelErnst JacobiLeonie Benesch
The action takes place in a German village in the fifteen months that precede World War I.

Among the people who live there are a baron, who is a large landowner and a local moral authority, his estate manager, a pastor with his many children, a widowed doctor and a schoolteacher who is thinking of getting married. It is he who, many years later, tells this story.

Though everything seems to be quiet and orderly, as it always has been, with the seasons following each other, and good harvests following bad ones, suddenly some strange events start to occur. If some appear to be quite ordinary, even accidental — a farmer’s wife dies falling through rotten floorboards — others are inexplicable and may well be malevolent.

Thus, a wire placed at knee-height has brought down the horse being ridden by the doctor, who is severely wounded.

There’s more of the same: an unknown hand opens a window to expose a newborn baby to the intense cold of the winter. A whole field of cabbages, on the baron’s land, are beheaded with a scythe. One of the Baron’s sons disappears: he is found his feet and hands bound, his buttocks lashed by a whip. A barn belonging to the manor is set on fire. A farmer hangs himself. A midwife’s handicapped child is found tied to a tree, in a forest, seriously beaten, with a threatening message on his chest speaking of divine punishment.

The village is worried, and at a loss as to what to do. The baron whose wife will soon leave the village to go to live in Italy makes a speech in the church, but it has no effect. The pastor, a particularly strict character, had since the beginning of the events, tied a white ribbon to the arm of his two eldest children, a boy and a girl: it is to remind them permanently of their duties to purity. In spite of these ribbons, his own family is not spared. His eldest son admits that he masturbates. The pastor’s pet bird is stabbed with a scissor by the pastor’s daughter.

The schoolteacher, whose pupils are growing more and more unruly, and who is considering getting married (it is the only love-story in the film), starts little by little to unravel the mystery. What he discovers seems incredible to him: those guilty of most of these misdeeds are the village children. They have formed a secret society and their leader seems to be Klara, the pastor’s daughter.

Why did the children behave this way? The schoolteacher can’t say. They are haunted by dark feelings, fears, a desire to revolt, to dominate, to conceal, to be violent. All this is heralding something that will explode fifteen or twenty years later, when this generation has grown up.

The schoolteacher tries to reveal what he thinks he has found out to the pastor. He is rebuffed. There’s no question of bringing that out into the open. The pastor insults him, and even threatens to report him. Our children guilty? It’s inconceivable.

We learn that the Archduke of Austria has been murdered by a Serbian in Sarajevo. An international crisis is brewing.

The worries and the dramas of the village are soon lost in the strange excitement of the coming war. Later, the schoolteacher ponders over it again: didn’t those events contain the germs of the tragedies that followed? Weren’t the barbaric acts of the children, deep down, the natural consequences of what they had been taught?

The White Ribbon (2009) Top Quotes 

Martin: I gave God a chance to kill me. He didn’t do it, so he’s pleased with me.

The Doctor: My God, why don’t you just die?

The Narrator: I don’t know if the story that I want to tell you, reflects the truth in every detail. Much of it I only know by hearsay, and a lot of it remains obscure to me even today, and I must leave it in darkness. Many of these questions remain without answer. But I believe I must tell of the strange events that occurred in our village, because they may cast a new light on some of the goings-on in this country…

Dunkirk (2017) Top Quotes and Trailer

Dunkirk (2017) Top Quotes and Trailer

Evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26- June 04, 1940, during Battle of France in World War II. Written by Harvey

Dunkirk (2017) Top Quotes

[from trailer]
Commander Bolton: You can practically see it from here.
Captain Winnant: What?
Commander Bolton: Home.

Mr. Dawson: Men my age dictate this war. Why should we be allowed to send our children to fight it?

Blind Man: Well done lads. Well done.
Alex: All we did is survive.
Blind Man: That’s enough.

[from trailer]
Collins: He’s on me.
Farrier: I’m on him.

Captain Winnant: What do you see?
Commander Bolton: Home.
Shivering Soldier: [Referring to George] Is he okay?Peter: Yeah.

Tommy: Wars are not won by evacuation.
Commander Bolton: I’d rather fight waves than dive-bombers.

Commander Bolton: The enemy tanks have stopped.
Captain Winnant: Why? Why waste precious tanks when they can pick us off from the air like a fish in a barrel?

Commander Bolton: Well, we’ll know in six hours.
Captain Winnant: I thought the tide came in every three hours.
Commander Bolton: It’s a good job I’m in the Navy and you’re in the Army.

Collins: Dunkirk’s so far, why couldn’t they load at Calais?
Radio Communication: The enemy had something to say about it.
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Commander Bolton: The tide’s turning now.

Commander Bolton: The bodies are coming back.

Peter: [when pulling a survivor up from the water] Good day.

Irate Soldier: Where’s the bloody air force?

Alex: You don’t speak English English
[pointing at Gibson]
Alex: , and if he does it’s with an accent thicker than sauerkraut sauce.

Grenadier: Grenadiers, mate.

There Will Be Blood (2007) Top Quotes and Trailer

There Will Be Blood (2007) Top Quotes and Trailer

Daniel Plainview is an oil man and spends his days harvesting the money from discovered oil. When Paul Sunday asks Plainview to dig for the oil at his family home, he finds it too hard to resist. Soon, he is up in Little Boston, California. Not everyone is pleased to see him as tension builds between Daniel and preacher, Eli Sunday as well as the greed.

There Will Be Blood (2007) Top Quotes

Eli Sunday: Why are you talking about Paul?
Plainview: I did what your brother couldn’t.
Eli Sunday: Don’t say this to me.
Plainview: I broke you and I beat you. It was Paul who told me about you. He’s the prophet. He’s the smart one. He knew what was there and he found me to take it out of the ground, and you know what the funny thing is? Listen… listen… listen… I paid him ten thousand dollars, cash in hand, just like that. He has his own company now. A prosperous little business. Three wells producing. Five thousand dollars a week.
[Eli cries]
Plainview: Stop crying, you sniveling ass! Stop your nonsense. You’re just the afterbirth, Eli.
Eli Sunday: No…
Plainview: You slithered out of your mother’s filth.
Eli Sunday: No.
Plainview: They should have put you in a glass jar on a mantlepiece. Where were you when Paul was suckling at his mother’s teat? Where were you? Who was nursing you, poor Eli? One of Bandy’s sows? That land has been had. Nothing you can do about it. It’s gone. It’s had.
Eli Sunday: If you would just take…
Plainview: You lose.
Eli Sunday: …this lease, Daniel…
Plainview: Drainage! Drainage, Eli, you boy. Drained dry. I’m so sorry. Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw. There it is, that’s a straw, you see? Watch it. Now, my straw reaches acroooooooss the room and starts to drink your milkshake. I… drink… your… milkshake!
[sucking sound]
Plainview: I drink it up!
Eli Sunday: Don’t bully me, Daniel!
[Daniel roars and throws Eli across the room]
Plainview: Did you think your song and dance and your superstition would help you, Eli? I am the Third Revelation! I am who the Lord has chosen!

[last lines]
Plainview: I’m finished.

Plainview: Are you an angry man, Henry?
Henry Brands: About what?
Plainview: Are you envious? D’you get envious?
Henry Brands: I don’t think so. No.
Plainview: I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people.
Henry Brands: That part of me is gone. Working and not succeeding- all my, uh… failures has left me, uh… I just don’t… care.
Plainview: Well, if it’s in me, it’s in you. There are times when I… I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. I want to earn enough money I can get away from everyone.
Henry Brands: What will you do about your boy?
Plainview: I don’t know. Uhhhh, maybe it’ll change. Does your sound come back to you? I don’t know. Maybe no one knows that. A doctor might not know that.
Henry Brands: Where’s his mother?
Plainview: I don’t want to talk about those things. I see the worst in people, Henry. I don’t need to look past seeing them to get all I need. I’ve built up my hatreds over the years, little by little. Having you here gives me a second breath of life. I can’t keep doing this on my own… with these, umm… people.

HW’s Interpreter, George: [speaking for deaf H.W] I’d prefer to speak to you in private.
Plainview: You can’t speak. so why don’t you flap your hands about and have what’s-his-name tell me where you’ve been. Or do you think I don’t know?
HW’s Interpreter, George: This is hard for me to say. I’ll tell you first: I love you very much. I’ve learned to love what I do because of you. I’m leaving here. I’m going to Mexico. I’m taking Mary, and I’m going to Mexico. I miss working outside. I miss the fields. It’ll only be for a time, for me to do my own drilling and start my own company. It’s time to make a change.
Plainview: This makes you my competitor.
HW’s Interpreter, George: No. No, it’s not like that.
Plainview: It is like that – boy. Your own company, huh?
HW’s Interpreter, George: That’s right.
Plainview: In Mexico.
HW’s Interpreter, George: Yes.
Plainview: You’re making such a misstep. So, what are you doing?
HW’s Interpreter, George: I know you and I have disagreed over many things. I’d rather keep you as my father than my partner.
Plainview: Then say it! You got something to say to me then say it. I’d like to hear you speak instead of your little dog, woof woof woof woof woof woof woof!
H.W. Plainview – Older: I’m going to Mexico with my wife. I’m going away from you.
Plainview: That wasn’t so hard, was it? – killing us with what you’re doing. You’re killing my image of you as my son.
HW’s Interpreter, George: You’re stubborn. You won’t listen.
Plainview: You’re not my son.
HW’s Interpreter, George: Please don’t say that. I know you don’t mean it.
Plainview: It’s the truth. You’re not my son. Never have been. You’re an… you’re an orphan. D’you ever hear that word?
Plainview: [to George] Tell ’em what I said!
Plainview: [back to H.W] You operated here today like one. I should have seen this coming. I should have known that under this, all these past years, you’ve been building your hate for me piece by piece. I don’t even know who you are because you have none of me in you. You’re someone else’s. This anger, your maliciousness, backwards dealings with me. You’re an orphan from a basket in the middle of the desert, and I took you for no other reason than I needed a sweet face to buy land. D’you get that? So now you know.
[Plainview whistles mockingly]
Plainview: Look at me. You’re lower than a bastard. You have none of me in you. You’re just a bastard from a basket.
HW’s Interpreter, George: I thank God I have none of you in me.
Plainview: [H.W. and George get up and begin to leave the room] You’re not my son. You’re just a little piece of competition. Bastard from a basket. Bastard from a basket! You’re a bastard from a basket!

Plainview: Ladies and gentlemen… I’ve traveled over half our state to be here tonight. I couldn’t get away sooner because my new well was coming in at Coyote Hills and I had to see about it. That well is now flowing at two thousand barrels and it’s paying me an income of five thousand dollars a week. I have two others drilling and I have sixteen producing at Antelope; so, ladies and gentlemen, if I say I’m an oil man, you will agree. Now, you have a great chance here, but bear in mind, you can lose it all if you’re not careful. Out of all men that beg for a chance to drill your lots, maybe one in twenty will be oilmen; the rest will be speculators – that’s men trying to get between you and the oilmen – to get some of the money that ought by rights come to you. Even if you find one that has money and means to drill, he’ll maybe know nothing about drilling and he’ll have to hire the job out on contract, and then you’re depending on a contractor who’ll rush the job through so he can get another contract just as quick as he can. This is… the way that this works.
Man: Well, what is your offer? W-w-we’re wasting time.
[crowd responds: “Yes.” “Please.”]
Plainview: I do my own drilling, and the men that work for me work for me. and they’re men I know. I make it my business to be there and to see their work. I don’t lose my tools in the hole and spend months fishing for them; I don’t botch the cementing off and let water in the hole and ruin the whole lease. I’m a family man. I run a family business. This is my son and my partner, H.W. Plainview.
[indicates H.W]
Plainview: We offer you the bond of family that very few oilmen can understand. I’m fixed like no other company in this field and that’s because my Coyote Hills well has just come in. I have a string of tools all ready to put to work. I can load a rig onto trucks and have them here in a week. I have business connections so I can get the lumber for the derrick – such things go by friendship in a rush like this – and this is why I can guarantee to start drilling and to put up the cash to back my word. I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, no matter what the others promise to do, when it comes to the showdown, they won’t be there.

Plainview: I told you I would to eat you!
Eli Sunday: [terrified] We’re family!
Plainview: I told you I would eat you up!

Plainview: [pitching his company to the people of Little Boston] Ladies and gentlemen? Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for visiting with us this evening. Now, I’ve traveled across half our state to be here and to see about this land. Now, I daresay some of you might have heard some of the more extravagant rumors about what my plans are; I just thought you’d like to hear it from me. This is the face. There’s no great mystery. I’m an oilman, ladies and gentlemen. I have numerous concerns spread across this state. I have many wells flowing at many thousand barrels per day. I like to think of myself as an oilman. As an oilman, I hope that you’ll forgive just good old-fashioned plain speaking. Now, this work that we do is very much a family enterprise; I work side by side with my wonderful son, H.W. – I think one or two of you might have met him already – and, uh, I encourage my men to bring their families, as well. Of course, it makes for an ever so much more rewarding life for them. Family means children; children means education; so, wherever we set up camp, education is a necessity, and we’re just so happy to take care of that. So let’s build a wonderful school in Little Boston. These children are the future that we strive for and so they should have the very best of things. Now something else, uh… and please don’t be insulted if I speak about this – bread. Let’s talk about bread. Now to my mind, uh, it’s an abomination to consider that any man, woman or child in this magnificent country of ours should have to look upon a loaf of bread as a luxury. We’re gonna dig water wells here and, uh, water wells means irrigation. Irrigation means cultivation. We’re gonna raise crops here where before it just simply wasn’t impossible. You’re going to have more grain than you know what to do with. Bread will be coming right out of your ears, ma’am. New roads, agriculture, employment, education – these are just a few of the things we can offer you, and I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that if we do find oil here – and I think there’s a very good chance that we will – this community of yours will not only survive, it will flourish.

Plainview: [mumbles] Abandoned my child.
Eli Sunday: Say it louder… say it louder!
Plainview: I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve abandoned my boy!
Eli Sunday: Now beg for the blood!
Plainview: [sotto voce] Please, give me the blood, Eli. Let me get out of here.
Plainview: [aloud] Give me the blood, Lord, and let me get away!

Plainview: I’m gonna bury you underground, Eli.

Plainview: There’s a whole ocean of oil under our feet! No one can get at it except for me!

H.M. Tilford: We’ll make you a millionaire while you’re sitting here from one minute to the next.
Plainview: What else would I do with myself?
H.M. Tilford: You asking me?
Plainview: What else would I do with myself?
H.M. Tilford: Take care of your son. I don’t know what you would do.
Plainview: If you were me and Standard offered to buy what you had for a million dollars, why? So, why?
H.M. Tilford: You know why.
Plainview: Yeah, you fellows just scratch around in the dirt and find it like the rest of us instead of buying up someone else’s hard work.
J.J. Carter: [defensively] I’ve scratched around the dirt, son.
Plainview: You gonna change your shipping costs?
H.M. Tilford: We don’t dictate shipping costs. That’s railroad business.
Plainview: O-oh! You don’t own the railroads? Course you do. Of course you do.
H.M. Tilford: Where you gonna put it all? Where? Build a pipeline, make a deal with Union Oil? Be my guest, but if you can’t pull it off, you’ve got an ocean of oil under your feet, with nowhere to go. Why not turn it over to us? We’ll make you rich. You spend time with your boy. It’s a great discovery. Now let us help you.
Plainview: [after a long pause] D’you just tell me how to run my family?
H.M. Tilford: It might be more important now that you’ve proven the field and we’re offering to buy you out.
Plainview: [stares at Tilford for a long moment] One night, I’m gonna come to you, inside of your house, wherever you’re sleeping, and I’m gonna cut your throat.
H.M. Tilford: What? What are you taking about? Have you gone crazy, Daniel?
Plainview: Did you hear what I said?
H.M. Tilford: I heard what you said. Why did you say it?
Plainview: You don’t tell me about my son.
H.M. Tilford: Why are you acting insane and threatening to cut my throat?
Plainview: You don’t tell me about my son.
H.M. Tilford: I’m not telling you anything! I’m asking you to be reasonable. If I’ve offended you, I apologize.
Plainview: [leans towards him] You’ll see what I can do.

Paul Sunday: Mr. Plainview?
Plainview: Yes?
Paul Sunday: Are you Daniel Plainview?
Plainview: Yes. What can I do for you?
Paul Sunday: You look for oil.
Plainview: That’s right.
Paul Sunday: What do you pay for a place that has it?
Plainview: Well, that depends.
Paul Sunday: What does it depend on?
Plainview: On a lot of things.
Paul Sunday: If I told you I knew a place that had oil, where land could be bought cheaply, what do you think that would be worth?
Plainview: Oh, I think that, uh… you should let me know what you know, and, uh, and then we’ll try and work something out.
Paul Sunday: Can I sit down?
Plainview: Please.
Paul Sunday: [Paul sits] What church do you belong to?
Plainview: I, um… I enjoy all faiths. I don’t belong to one church in particular. I… I like them all. I like everything. Where are you from?
Paul Sunday: That would be telling you. That’s what I want to sell you.
Plainview: What are you doing in Signal Hill?
Paul Sunday: We have oil and it seeps through the ground. Do you want to pay me to know where it is…
Plainview: Well, just because there’s something on the ground doesn’t mean there’s anything beneath it.
Paul Sunday: Why did Standard Oil buy up land?
Plainview: Is it in California?
Paul Sunday: Maybe.
Plainview: How much land they buy?
Paul Sunday: I’d like it better if you didn’t think I was stupid.

Plainview: What’s this? Why don’t I own this? Why don’t I own this?
Al Rose: That’s the Bandy tract. He was the holdout, when we were doing the buying? He had hoped to speak with you. Can’t you just build the pipeline around this tract?
Plainview: Can I build around fifty miles of Tehachapi Mountains? Don’t be thick in front of me, Al.
Al Rose: I can go to him again…
Plainview: No, I’ll go and talk to the man. I’ll talk to him, show you how it’s done.

Eli Sunday: We have a sinner with us here who wishes for salvation. Daniel, are you a sinner?
Plainview: Yes.
Eli Sunday: Oh, the Lord can’t hear you, Daniel. Say it to him. Go ahead and speak to him. It’s all right.
Plainview: Yes.
Eli Sunday: Down on your knees and to him. Look up to the sky and say it.
Plainview: What do you want me to say?
Eli Sunday: Oh, Daniel, you’ve come here and you’ve brought good and wealth, but you have also brought your bad habits as a backslider. You’ve lusted after women, and you have abandoned your child – your child that you raised. You have abandoned all because he was sick and you have sinned. So say it now – “I am a sinner.”
Plainview: I am a sinner.
Eli Sunday: Say it louder – ” I am a sinner! “
Plainview: I’m a sinner.
Eli Sunday: Louder, Daniel. I am a sinner!
Plainview: I am a sinner.
Eli Sunday: I am sorry, Lord!
Plainview: I am sorry , Lord.
Eli Sunday: I want the blood!
Plainview: I want the blood.
Eli Sunday: You have abandoned your child!
Plainview: I’ve abandoned my child.
Eli Sunday: I will never backslide!
Plainview: I will never backslide.
Eli Sunday: I was lost, but now I am found!
Plainview: I was lost but now I’m found.
Eli Sunday: I have abandoned my child!
[Plainview glares at him]
Eli Sunday: Say it… say it!

Eli Sunday: When do we get our money, Daniel?
[Daniel slaps Eli across the face]
Plainview: [continuing to slap Eli] Aren’t you a healer and a vessel for the holy spirit? When are you coming over and make my son hear again? Can’t you do that?

Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet God is a superstition!

Plainview: I know.
Eli Sunday: I need a friend.
Plainview: Yes, of course you do.
Eli Sunday: I’ve sinned! I need help! I’m a sinner! I’ve let the Devil grab hold of me in ways I never imagined! I’m so full of sin.
Plainview: The Lord sometimes challenges us, doesn’t he?
Eli Sunday: Oh, yes, he does. Daniel, yes, he does!
Plainview: Yes, he does!
Eli Sunday: Oh! He’s completely failed to alert me to the recent panic in our economy and this! I-I… I must have this. I must, I must, I must, I must, I must have this. My investments have… Daniel, I won’t bore you, but I… If I could grab the Lord’s hand for help, I would, but he does these things all the time, these mysteries that he presents and while we wait… while we wait for his word…
Plainview: Because you’re not the chosen brother, Eli. It was Paul who was chosen. Yes, he-he found me and he told me about your land. You’re just a fool.

Prescott: [Plainview has just left a town meeting] Mr. Plainview! No! Where are you going?
Plainview: I don’t need the lease, thank you.
Prescott: We need you, we need you to…
Plainview: Too much confusion! Thank you for your time.
Prescott: No, no, no! There’s no confusion! If you just…
Plainview: [stops in his tracks, stares down Prescott] I wouldn’t take the lease if you gave it to me as a gift.

Fletcher Hamilton: H.W. okay?
Plainview: No, he isn’t.

Eli Sunday: You are a stupid man, Abel. You’ve let someone come in here and walk all over us. You let him in and do his work here, and you are a stupid man for what we could have had.
Abel Sunday: I followed His word, Eli. I tried.
Eli Sunday: You didn’t do anything but sit down. You’re lazy and you’re stupid. Do you think God is going to save you for being stupid? He doesn’t save stupid people, Abel.
[Eli clambers across the table and slams Abel to the ground]
Eli Sunday: I will tear you apart for what you’ve done, you stupid man! How did he come here? Do you even know? I know!
Abel Sunday: Son, don’t do this, please!
Eli Sunday: Be quiet!
Abel Sunday: Please! Don’t!
Eli Sunday: Shut your mouth, Abel! It was your stupid son! It was Paul who told him to come here. I know it. He went to him, and he said “My stupid, weak father will give away his lots. Go and take him.” – and you let it happen.
[lets go of Abel]
Eli Sunday: From a stupid father to a stupid son.

Eli Sunday: And I had a vision. Yes, last night, I had a vision. And I felt God’s breath go through me, and it moved down into my stomach and sloshed around, and my stomach spoke in a whisper, not a shout: “Touch this woman with your hands, and caress her.”
Eli Sunday: [grabbing Mrs. Hunter’s hands] My dear Mrs. Hunter, you have arthritis, don’t you?
Mrs. Hunter: Yes, I do, Eli.
Eli Sunday: Yes, the Devil is in your hands, and I will suck it out. Now, I will not cast this ghost out with a fever, for the new spirit inside me has shown me I have a new way to communicate. It is a gentle whisper.
[touches hands to Mrs. Hunter’s face]
Eli Sunday: Get out of here, ghost. Get out of here, ghost. Get out. Get out of here, ghost. Get out of here, ghost. Get out of here, ghost. Get out of here, and don’t you dare turn around and come back, for if you do, all the armies of my boot will kick you in the teeth, and you will be cast up and thrown in the dirt and thrust back to Perdition! And as long as I have teeth, I will bite you! And if I have no teeth, I will gum you! And as long as I have fists, I will bash you! Now, get out of here ghost! Get out of here, ghost! Get out of here, ghost! Egh! YEOW!
[throws the ‘ghost’ out through the door]
Eli Sunday: And it left!
The Congregation: Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord in his holy name! Amen! Thank you, Jesus!
Eli Sunday: [approaching Mrs. Hunter] My dear Mrs. Hunter…
Mrs. Hunter: Eli.
Eli Sunday: Dance with me. Dance with me.

Eli Sunday: Things go up, things go down, but at least the Lord is always around.

Henry Brands: I’m your brother… from another mother.

[They stand at a map]
Paul Sunday: This is us, here. Spur Station, here at Little Boston. The Sunday ranch is what you’re looking for. There’s a sheep trail that takes you there. It’s a mile out of town, headed west, not far. Just through a small pass here, near the base of the hills. You’ll pass a church, and just follow the sheep trail.
Plainview: Where’s Standard buying up?
Paul Sunday: [pointing at map] Here, and here.
Plainview: And your family name is Sunday, yes?
Paul Sunday: That’s right.
Plainview: How many’s in your family?
Paul Sunday: My father and mother and sisters, and my brother, Eli.
H.W. Plainview: How many sisters do you have?
Paul Sunday: Two.
Plainview: What’s your name?
Paul Sunday: Paul.
Fletcher Hamilton: Does any of your family know about the oil that you say is there?
Paul Sunday: I don’t know. Uh, my uncle always said there was oil there, but I don’t know what they heard or what they think.
Fletcher Hamilton: What do you grow?
Paul Sunday: It’s goats. Uh, it’s a goat farm. I told you, nothing grows but weeds.
Fletcher Hamilton: Is there water?
Paul Sunday: It’s salty. You drill a well, it’s hard not to get salt water. The oil is there. I’m telling you. I want to go now, so…
Plainview: Uh, you can stay tonight.
Paul Sunday: No, I want to go now. I wanna leave.
Plainview: Listen, Paul… If I travel all the way up there and I find that you’ve been lying to me, I’m gonna find you, and I’m gonna take more than my money back. Is that all right with you?
Paul Sunday: Yes, sir.
Plainview: All right then.
Paul Sunday: Nice luck to you and God bless.
Plainview: And to you, young man.

Plainview: Eli! Tragedy at the well last night.
Eli Sunday: Yes, I heard.
Plainview: Joe Ghunda was a man of considerable faith, so if you wish to say a few words, his burial’s at noon, tomorrow.
Eli Sunday: Daniel, this accident could have been avoided. It is terrible to think of that well working away out there, unblessed…
Plainview: Yes, it could have. These men are working twelve hour shifts and they need their rest. If they don’t have it, they start to make stupid mistakes…
Eli Sunday: I’ve seen some of the men drinking. Don’t you think that has something to do with it…
Plainview: We need these men well rested to bring in this well. They can’t get that if they’re up here listening to your gospel, and then the well can’t produce and blow gold all over the place…
Eli Sunday: I wish I had more time with Joe Ghunda. More could have been done…
Plainview: And then the well can’t produce and blow gold all over the place. Now, would you see to it that his personal possessions find their way back to his family, please? Thank you. Heard you were planning some renovations?
Eli Sunday: Yes. Our congregation is growing strongly. We need more room.
Plainview: Well, that was one goddamn helluva show.
[chuckles and walks off]
Eli Sunday: We were happy to have you, Daniel.

William Bandy: I’m Bandy.
Plainview: Uh, yes. Yes. Um… William Bandy, huh? Yeah, I’d like to lease your land.
William Bandy: I had asked for you to come and talk to be me before. When you were leasing land.
Plainview: That’s right, yes. My boy’s been very sick, you know.
William Bandy: This was before your boy got sick. Now, I know that you would like to build a pipeline through my property. Is that right, what I’ve heard?
Plainview: It’s absolutely right, and, uh… well… It’s an eight-inch pipe. It can buried with your consent. I guarantee you absolutely no disruption…
William Bandy: God. God has told me what you must do.
Plainview: And what is that?
William Bandy: You should be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.
Plainview: Oh, but I… I… I am. I have been washed, Mr. Bandy. I… I have been.
William Bandy: It’s your only way to salvation AND your only way for what you want. You can take it at the Church of the Third Revelation.
Plainview: I’ll pay you three thousand dollars.
William Bandy: I’d like you to be part of our church.
Plainview: I’ll pay you five thousand dollars.
William Bandy: Be baptized, be forgiven for the sin that you’ve done.
Plainview: What sin are you, uh, referring to, Mr. Bandy? My… my sin of drilling?

H.W. Plainview: How much are we gonna pay them?
Plainview: Who’s that?
H.W. Plainview: Sunday family.
Plainview: Well, I’m not gonna give them oil prices. I’ll give them quail prices.

Plainview: What would you like, Eli?
Eli Sunday: Ten thousand dollars.
Plainview: For what?
Eli Sunday: For my church.
Plainview: That’s good. That’s a good one.

Plainview: Now go. Go and play some more, and don’t come back.

Plainview: [Daniel, suspicious of Henry, aims a gun at him] I want you to tell me something.
Henry Brands: What?
Plainview: What’s the name of the farm next to the Hill house? What was the name of the farm next to the Hill House?
Henry Brands: I… I can’t remem…
Plainview: Who are you?
Henry Brands: I’ll leave, Daniel.
Plainview: Who are you?
Henry Brands: I’m no one. Just… let me get up and go.
Plainview: Do I have a brother?
Henry Brands: I met a man in King City who said he was your brother. We were friends for months, working in King City, and he wanted to make his way to you, Daniel. We didn’t have any money… He died of tuberculosis. He wasn’t harmed, wasn’t killed, nothing bad, but he told me about you and I just took his story… used his diary… Daniel… Daniel, I’m your friend. I’m not trying to hurt you. Never. Just survive…
[Daniel fires the gun]
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Plainview: [Daniel has covered his face with a napkin] So Standard offered us a million dollars for the Little Boston leases, and I told H. M. Tilford where he could shove that, and we made a deal with Union! On the pipeline! And that whole ocean of oil underneath our fields!
H.M. Tilford: [to his tablemates] … 150,000 dollars…
Man: We needed the money to drill.
Man: I go out to meet him. He’s getting oil on the property. We’re trying to make a claim on it. Offered him a million dollars. Turned us down flat.
Plainview: [growing frustrated] All right.
[stands up, walks over and leans in to Tilford’s face]
Plainview: I want you to look over there.
[points towards H.W]
H.M. Tilford: Daniel, let me introduce you…
Plainview: Look over there, you see. That’s my son. You see him? You SEE?
H.M. Tilford: I see him.
Plainview: You don’t tell me how to raise my family. I told you not to tell me how to raise my family. So, what do you see?
H.M. Tilford: I’m very happy for you that…
Plainview: Yes, I’ve made a deal with Union and my son is happy and safe.
H.M. Tilford: Congratulations. Excellent…
Plainview: I’m taking care of him now, so… You look like a fool, don’t you Tilford?
H.M. Tilford: [long pause] Yes.
Plainview: Y-y-y-yes, you do.
H.M. Tilford: [embarrassed] Excuse me gentlemen…
Plainview: Oh, excuse me gentlemen. Excuse him, gentlemen.
[to Tilford]
Plainview: I told you what I was gonna do.
[drinks Tilford’s whiskey]

Plainview: I want you to look over there.
[points towards H.W]
H.M. Tilford: Daniel, let me introduce you…
Plainview: Look over there. You see? That’s my son. You see him?
H.M. Tilford: Yes.
Plainview: You SEE?
H.M. Tilford: I see him.
Plainview: You don’t tell me how to raise my family. I told you not to tell me how to raise my family.
H.M. Tilford: Daniel…
Plainview: So, what do you see?
H.M. Tilford: I’m very happy for you that…
Plainview: Yes, I’ve made a deal with Union. My son is happy. He’s safe.
H.M. Tilford: Congratulations.
Plainview: I’m taking care of him now, so…
H.M. Tilford: Excellent.
Plainview: You look like a fool, don’t you, Tilford?
H.M. Tilford: [long pause] Yes.
Plainview: J-j-j-j-j-j-yes. Yes, you do.
H.M. Tilford: [embarrassed] Excuse me gentlemen…
Plainview: Oh, excuse me gentlemen. Excuse him, gentlemen.
Plainview: [to Tilford] I told you what I was gonna do.
[drinks Tilford’s whiskey]

Plainview: [Eli is intending to bless the well] I thank you all so much for visiting with us at this time. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you, and I hope, very much in the months to come, I’ll be able to visit with each and every one of you. Ah… I’m better at digging holes in the ground than making speeches, so let’s forget the speech for this evening, just make it a simple blessing. You see, one man doesn’t prospect from the ground. It takes a whole community of good people, such as yourselves… and, uh, this is good. We stay together. We pray together, we work together and, if the good Lord smiles kindly on our endeavor, we share in the wealth together. Now before we spud in Mary’s Well number one – named for the lovely Miss Mary Sunday here by my side, a proud daughter of these hills – I’d just like to say God bless these honest labors of ours; and, of course, God bless you all. Amen.

Eli Sunday: How is all the work coming?
Plainview: Everything’s good.
Eli Sunday: All the men are provided for?
Plainview: Of course.
Eli Sunday: Spirits seem high. Is there… anything that you need from me? Anything the church can do for you?
Plainview: I don’t believe so, no. Thank you.
Eli Sunday: I understand you’ve asked the people to gather round and watch the well begin tomorrow, is that right?
Plainview: That’s right.
Eli Sunday: I will bless the well. Before you begin, you should introduce me. You’ll see me walk up towards the oil well, and…
Plainview: The derrick.
Eli Sunday: You’ll see me walk up, and then you can say my name.
Plainview: When you walk up?
Eli Sunday: Yes. You’ll see me walk up, and then you could say “The proud son of these hills, who tended his father’s flock”, and then you could say my name.
Plainview: That’s fine.
Eli Sunday: And what happens then?
Plainview: Well, then we start the drill.
Eli Sunday: It’s a simple blessing, Daniel, but an important one. It’s just a few words, it won’t take long. What time?
Plainview: What time’s good for you, Eli?
Eli Sunday: Four o’clock.
Plainview: Well, let’s make it four o’clock then. My thanks for your visit.
Eli Sunday: Good day. Thank you.

H.M. Tilford: How’s your boy?
Plainview: Thank you for asking.
H.M. Tilford: Is there anything we can do?
Plainview: “Thanks for asking” is enough.
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[first words]
Plainview: There she is. There she is.

Plainview: Mr. Bankside, I’m not going to waste your time; I’d certainly appreciate it if you didn’t waste mine. Now, if you wish to sign with me, we can have a well drilling within ten days, but your lot is further north from the discovery well up here, and so… Well, that means we’ll probably have to dig deeper. And if there’s as much oil here as I think there is, it’ll be harder to reach, but once we find it, we can take it right out. You have to act quickly, because very soon these fields will be dry. Now… I need you to know what you want to do. Now, because of the distance from the discovery well, I’ll pay you a smaller royalty than you’d get down there, but I’m prepared to give you a thousand dollar bonus on your lot.
Mr. Bankside: What kind of royalty are you talking about?
Plainview: 1/6th, plus a guarantee to start drilling within ten days. Now, that’s something you won’t find anywhere else.
[long silence]
Plainview: What age your children, ma’am?
Mrs. Bankside: 10 and 12. Mr. Plainview, a question, sir. Where is your wife?
Plainview: She died in childbirth, Mrs. Bankside, so I… so… Well, it’s just me and my son now.

Eli Sunday: Mr. Bandy has a grandson. Have you met his grandson William? William Bandy is one of the finest members we have at the Church of The Third Revelation. He’s eager to come to Hollywood to be in movies. He is very good-looking. And I do think he will have success.

Plainview: [Paul Sunday has offered to sell Plainview information] Why’d you come to me?
Paul Sunday: You just brought this well in?
Plainview: That’s right.
Paul Sunday: Yes, so just give me five hundred dollars in cash, right now, and I’ll tell you where it is.
Plainview: I’ll tell you what I’ll do, son. I’ll give you a hundred dollars now and, if it proves to be a promising lease, then give a thousand dollar bonus…
Paul Sunday: Six hundred dollars.
Plainview: Just tell me one thing to help me decide. What else have you got up there. What do you grow?
Paul Sunday: We have a big ranch, but it’s mostly rocks. We can plant things; nothing will grow but weeds. What makes you think it’s up?
Fletcher Hamilton: Is there sulfur around, or alkali deposits?
Paul Sunday: Alkali, nearby. I don’t know sulfur.
[notices H.W]
Paul Sunday: Is that your son?
Plainview: Yes.
Paul Sunday: [to H.W] Hi.
H.W. Plainview: Hi.
Paul Sunday: [to Fletcher] Who are you?
Fletcher Hamilton: I’m Fletcher Hamilton. Nice to meet you, son. What’s your name?
Paul Sunday: What do you do?
Fletcher Hamilton: I work with Mr. Plainview.
Plainview: Here’s five hundred dollars. You tell me something worth hearing, this money’s yours.
Paul Sunday: I come from a town called Little Boston, in Isabella County.

Plainview: There’s that house in Fond Du Lac that, uh, John Hollister built. Do you remember it?
Henry Brands: Mmm.
Plainview: I thought as a boy that was the most beautiful house I’d ever seen, and I wanted it. I wanted to live in it, and eat in it, and clean it… And even as a boy, I wanted to have children to run around in it.
Henry Brands: You can have anything you like now, Daniel, and you should. Where are you gonna build it?
Plainview: Here, maybe. Near the ocean.
Henry Brands: Would you make it look like that house?
Plainview: I think if I saw that house now, it’d make me sick.

Gene Blaize: You boys are a regular family business.

Silence (2016) Top Movie Quotes And Trailer

Silence (2016) Top Movie Quotes And Trailer

The story of two Christian missionaries (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) – at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden.
Silence (2016) Top Movie Quotes

Father Sebastião Rodrigues: I pray but I am lost. Am I just praying to silence?

Inquisitor Inoue: The price for your glory is their suffering!

Father Alessandro Valignano: The moment you set foot in that country, you step into high danger

Father Francisco Garrpe: It’s too dangerous!

Father Sebastião Rodrigues: We asked for this mission

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes

WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to win the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.

Company B Soldier: [Quoting Herodotos] In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.

Desmond Doss: With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.

Amadeus (1984) Trailer and Top Quotes

Antonio Salieri believes that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music is divine and miraculous. He wishes he was himself as good a musician as Mozart so that he can praise the Lord through composing. He began his career as a devout man who believes his success and talent as a composer are God’s rewards for his piety. He’s also content as the respected, financially well-off, court composer of Austrian Emperor Joseph II. But he’s shocked to learn that Mozart is such a vulgar creature, and can’t understand why God favored Mozart to be his instrument. Salieri’s envy has made him an enemy of God whose greatness was evident in Mozart. He is ready to take revenge against God and Mozart for his own musical mediocrity. Written by Khaled Salem

[last lines]
[Salieri is wheelchaired through the insane asylum]
Antonio Salieri: Mediocrities everywhere… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you all.

Antonio Salieri: All I wanted was to sing to God. He gave me that longing… and then made me mute. Why? Tell me that. If He didn’t want me to praise him with music, why implant the desire? Like a lust in my body! And then deny me the talent?

Antonio Salieri: [reflecting upon a Mozart score] On the page it looked nothing. The beginning simple, almost comic. Just a pulse. Bassoons and basset horns, like a rusty squeezebox. And then suddenly, high above it, an oboe. A single note, hanging there, unwavering. Until a clarinet took over and sweetened it into a phrase of such delight! This was no composition by a performing monkey! This was a music I’d never heard. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing, it had me trembling. It seemed to me that I was hearing the voice of God.

Antonio Salieri: [addressing a crucifix] From now, we are enemies… You and I. Because You choose for Your instrument a boastful, lustful, smutty, infantile boy and give me for reward only to recognize the incarnation. Because You are unjust, unfair, unkind, I will block You, I swear it. I will hinder and harm Your creature as far as I am able. I will ruin Your incarnation.

Antonio Salieri: Leave me alone.
Father Vogler: I cannot leave alone a soul in pain.
Antonio Salieri: Do you know who I am?
Father Vogler: It makes no difference. All men are equal in God’s eyes.
Antonio Salieri: [leans in mockingly] *Are* they?

Antonio Salieri: [reflecting upon a Mozart score] Astounding! It was actually, it was beyond belief. But they showed no corrections of any kind. Not one. He had simply written down music already finished in his head! Page after page of it as if he were just taking dictation. And music, finished as no music is ever finished. Displace one note and there would be diminishment. Displace one phrase and the structure would fall. It was clear to me that sound I had heard in the Archbishop’s palace had been no accident. Here again was the very voice of God! I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink-strokes at an absolute beauty.
[he drops the pages]
Constanze Mozart: Is it not good?
Antonio Salieri: It is miraculous!

Antonio Salieri: [to Father Vogel] I will speak for you, Father. I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Forgive me, Majesty. I am a vulgar man! But I assure you, my music is not.
Emperor Joseph II: You are passionate, Mozart, but you do not persuade…

[Having played two pieces of music to Father Vogel, who does not recognize either]
Antonio Salieri: Can you remember no melody of mine? I was the most famous composer in Europe. I wrote 40 operas alone!
[suddenly inspired]
Antonio Salieri: Here, what about this one?
[he plays the first few bars of “Eine kleine Natchmuzik” while Father Vogel hums along]
Father Vogler: Yes, I know that! Oh, that’s charming! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you wrote what.
Antonio Salieri: I didn’t. That was Mozart. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Father Vogler: [smile fades] The man you accuse yourself of killing.

Emperor Joseph II: My dear young man, don’t take it too hard. Your work is ingenious. It’s quality work. And there are simply too many notes, that’s all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Which few did you have in mind, Majesty?

[repeated line]
Emperor Joseph II: Well, there it is.

Antonio Salieri: I heard the music of true forgiveness filling the theater, conferring on all who sat there, perfect absolution. God was singing through this little man to all the world, unstoppable, making my defeat more bitter with every passing bar.

Antonio Salieri: [to Father Vogel] While my father prayed earnestly to God to protect commerce, I would offer up secretly the proudest prayer a boy could think of: “Lord, make me a great composer. Let me celebrate Your glory through music and be celebrated myself. Make me famous through the world, dear God. Make me immortal. After I die, let people speak my name forever with love for what I wrote. In return, I will give You my chastity, my industry, my deepest humility, every hour of my life, Amen.” And do you know what happened? A miracle!

Antonio Salieri: My plan was so simple. It terrified me. First I must get the death mass and then, I must achieve his death.
Father Vogler: [stares in horror] What?
Antonio Salieri: His funeral! Imagine it, the cathedral, all Vienna sitting there, his coffin, Mozart’s little coffin in the middle, and then, in that silence, music! A divine music bursts out over them all. A great mass of death! Requiem mass for Wolfgang Mozart, composed by his devoted friend, Antonio Salieri! Oh what sublimity, what depth, what passion in the music! Salieri has been touched by God at last. And God is forced to listen! Powerless, powerless to stop it! I, for once in the end, laughing at him!
Antonio Salieri: The only thing that worried me was the actual killing. How does one do that? Hmmm? How does one kill a man? It’s one thing to dream about it; very different when, when you, when you have to do it with your own hands.

Antonio Salieri: Are you sure you can’t leave these and, and come back again?
Constanze Mozart: It’s very tempting sir, but it’s impossible, I’m afraid. Wolfgang would be frantic if he found those were missing, you see they’re all originals.
Antonio Salieri: Originals?
Constanze Mozart: Yes, sir, he doesn’t make copies.
Antonio Salieri: These, are originals?

Antonio Salieri: [to Father Vogel] Your merciful God. He destroyed His own beloved, rather than let a mediocrity share in the smallest part of His glory. He killed Mozart and kept me alive to torture! 32 years of torture! 32 years of slowly watching myself become extinct. My music growing fainter, all the fainter till no one plays it at all, and his…

[addressing the complaints about the “improper” libretto for “Figaro”]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Come on now, be honest! Which one of you wouldn’t rather listen to his hairdresser than Hercules? Or Horatius, or Orpheus… people so lofty they sound as if they shit marble!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [trying on wigs] They’re all so beautiful. Why don’t have three heads?

[the Emperor offers the sheet music of Salieri’s welcome march to Mozart]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Keep it Majesty, if you want. It’s already here in my head.
Emperor Joseph II: What? On one hearing only?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: I think so, Sire, yes.
Emperor Joseph II: Show us.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Why must I submit samples of my work to some stupid committee just to teach a thirteen-year-old girl?
Count Von Strack: Because His Majesty wishes it.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Is the emperor angry with me?
Count Von Strack: Quite the contrary.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Then why doesn’t he simply appoint me to the post?
Count Von Strack: Mozart, you are not the *only* composer in Vienna.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: No, but I’m the best!

Antonio Salieri: [to Father Vogel] So rose the dreadful ghost from his next and blackest opera. There, on the stage, stood the figure of a dead commander. And I knew, only I understood that the horrifying aparition was Leopold, raised from the dead! Wolfgang had actually summoned up his own father to accuse his son before all the world! It was terrifying and wonderful to watch. And now the madness began in me. The madness of the man splitting in half. Through my influence, I saw to it Don Giovanni was played only five times in Vienna. But in secret, I went to every one of those five, worshipping sounds I alone seem to hear. And hour after hour, as I stood there, understanding how that bitter old man was still possessing his poor son even from beyond the grave. I began to see a way, a terrible way, I could finally triumph over God.

Emanuel Schikaneder: Look, I asked you if we could start rehearsals next week and you said yes.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Well, we can.
Emanuel Schikaneder: So let me see it. Where is it?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Here. It’s all right here in my noodle. The rest is just scribbling. Scribbling and bibbling, bibbling and scribbling.

Antonio Salieri: He was my idol. Mozart, I can’t think of a time when I didn’t know his name. I was still playing childish games and he was playing music for kings and emperors. Even the Pope in Rome! I admit I was jealous when I heard the tales they told about him. Not of the brilliant little prodigy himself, but of his father, who had taught him everything.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Confutatis maledictis” – when the wicked are confounded. “Flammis Acribus Adictis.” How would you translate that?
Antonio Salieri: Consigned to flames of woe.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Do you believe in it?
Antonio Salieri: What?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A fire which never dies, burning you forever?
Antonio Salieri: Oh yes.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [of his great opera “Figaro”] Nine performances! Nine, that’s all it’s had! And withdrawn!
Antonio Salieri: I know, I know, it’s outrageous. Still, if the public doesn’t like one’s work, one has to accept the fact gracefully.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: But what is it that they don’t like?
Antonio Salieri: I can speak for the Emperor. You make too many demands on the royal ear. The poor man can’t concentrate for more than an hour… you gave him four.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: What did you think of it yourself? Did you like it at all?
Antonio Salieri: I thought it was marvelous.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Of course! It’s the best opera yet written, I know it… why didn’t they come?
Antonio Salieri: I think you overestimate our dear Viennese, my friend. You know you didn’t even give them a good *bang* at the end of songs, to let them know when to clap?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: I know, I know… maybe you should give me some lessons in that.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [about the royal composer’s position he did not get] Whom did they choose?
Antonio Salieri: Herr Zummer.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Herr Zummer? But the man’s a fool, he’s a total mediocrity!
Antonio Salieri: No, no, he has yet to achieve mediocrity.

Constanze Mozart: Wolfie, I think you really are going mad. You work like a slave for that idiot actor who won’t give you a penny. And here, this is not a ghost! This is a real man who puts down real money. Why on earth won’t you finish it? Can you give me one reason I can understand?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: It’s killing me.

[first lines]
Antonio Salieri: Mozart! Mozart, forgive your assassin! I confess, I killed you…

Antonio Salieri: My father, he did not care for music. When I told him how I wished I could be like Mozart, he would say; “Why? Do you want to be a trained monkey? Would you like me to drag you around Europe, doing tricks like a circus freak?”
[Salieri chuckles ruefully]
Antonio Salieri: How could I tell *him*… what music meant to me?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [to Emperor Joseph II] Sire, only opera can do this. In a play if more than one person speaks at the same time, it’s just noise, no one can understand a word. But with opera, with music… with music you can have twenty individuals all talking at the same time, and it’s not noise, it’s a perfect harmony!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The whole thing is set in a harem, Majesty. In a seraglio.
Count Orsini-Rosenberg: You mean in Turkey?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Yes, exactly.
Count Orsini-Rosenberg: Then why especially does it have to be in German?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: It doesn’t, especially. It could be in Turkish if you really want.

Antonio Salieri: [to Father Vogel] That was Mozart. That! That giggling dirty-minded creature I had just seen, crawling on the floor!

Antonio Salieri: The restored third act was bold, brilliant. The fourth… was astounding.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: I actually threw the score on the fire, he made me so angry.
Antonio Salieri: You burned the score?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: No, no. My wife took it out in time.

Antonio Salieri: Mozart, it was good of you to come!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: How could I not?
Antonio Salieri: How… Did my work please you?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [hesitantly] I never knew that music like that was possible!
Antonio Salieri: [uncertainly] You flatter me.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [insincerely] No, no! One hears such sounds, and what can one say but… Salieri!

Antonio Salieri: [about Emperor Joseph II’s musical tastes] Actually, the man had no ear at all. But what did it matter. He adored my music.

[Mozart loses at musical chairs]
Emanuel Schikaneder: Herr Mozart, why don’t you name your son’s penalty?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Yes, Papa. Name it. Name it, I’ll do anything you say. Anything.
Leopold Mozart: I want you to come back to Salzburg with me, my son.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Papa, the rule is you can only give a penalty that can be performed in the room.
Leopold Mozart: I’m tired of this game, I don’t want to play anymore.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: But my penalty!
[jumping up and down like an angry child]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: I’ve got to have a penalty!

Count Orsini-Rosenberg: Italian is the proper language for opera. All educated people agree on that.
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Antonio Salieri: [to Father Vogel] That was not Mozart laughing, Father… that was God. That was God laughing at me through that obscene giggle…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: My music… they started without me!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [speaking backwards] Say I’m sick. Say I’m sick!
Constanze Mozart: Yes, you are. You are very sick.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [chuckling] No-ho-ho! Say it backwards, shit-wit!

Constanze Mozart: Stop it!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: I am stopping it! Slowly. There? See? I’ve stopped. Now we’re going back.
Constanze Mozart: No!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Yes, yes! You don’t know where you are! Here, everything goes backwards. People walk backwards, dance backwards, sing backwards, and even talk backwards.
Constanze Mozart: That’s stupid.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Why? People fart backwards.

Constanze Mozart: No. I’m not going to marry you. You’re a fiend!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [speaking backwards] Ooy vol I tub. Ooy vol I tub!
Constanze Mozart: Tub, but. I. Vol, love… But I love you?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: [nods, mouths] I love you.

Constanze Mozart: What are you doing here?
Antonio Salieri: Your husband took sick. I brought him home.
Constanze Mozart: But why you?
Antonio Salieri: Because, madam, I was at hand.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: It’s unbelievable, the director has actually torn up a huge section of my music. They say I have to rewrite the opera. But it’s perfect as it is! I can’t rewrite what’s perfect!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: I am fed to the teeth with elevated themes! Old dead legends! Why must we go on forever writing about gods and legends?
Baron Van Swieten: Because they do. They go on forever. Or at least what they represent. The eternal in us. Opera is here to enoble us. You and me, just the same as His Majesty.

Archbishop Colloredo: [to Mozart’s father] Your son is an unprincipled, spoiled, conceited brat!

Katerina Cavalieri: I heard you met Herr Mozart.
Antonio Salieri: News travels fast in Vienna.
Katerina Cavalieri: And he’s been commissioned to write an opera. Is it true?
Antonio Salieri: Yes.
Katerina Cavalieri: Is there a part in it for me?
Antonio Salieri: No.
Katerina Cavalieri: How do you know?
Antonio Salieri: Do you know where it’s set, my dear?
Katerina Cavalieri: No.
Antonio Salieri: In a harem.
Katerina Cavalieri: What’s that?
Antonio Salieri: A brothel!
Katerina Cavalieri: Oh-h-h-h!
Antonio Salieri: Come. Let’s begin.
Katerina Cavalieri: What does he look like?
Antonio Salieri: Mozart? You might be disappointed.
Katerina Cavalieri: Why?
Antonio Salieri: Looks and talent don’t always go together, Katerina
Katerina Cavalieri: Looks don’t concern me, maestro. Only talent interests a woman of taste.

Constanze Mozart: [to Mozart’s father] May I offer you some tea, Herr Mozart?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Tea? Who wants tea? Let’s go out! This calls for a feast. You don’t want tea, do you, Papa?
Constanze Mozart: Wolfie…
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: I know, let’s go dancing! Papa loves parties, don’t you?
Constanze Mozart: Wolfie!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: What? How can you be so boring? Tea…

Count Orsini-Rosenberg: [about Mozart] A young man trying to impress beyond his abilities.

Emanuel Schikaneder: [to Mozart] Look, you little clown, do you know how many people I’ve hired for you? Do you know how many people are waiting?
Constanze Mozart: [shouting] Leave him alone! He’s doing his best!
Emanuel Schikaneder: [to Mozart] I’m paying these people, don’t you understand? I’m paying these people to wait while you do nothing! It’s ridiculous!
Constanze Mozart: You know what’s ridiculous? Your libretto, that’s what’s ridiculous! Only an idiot would ask Wolfie to work on that stuff! 12-foot snakes, magic flutes?
Emanuel Schikaneder: What’s so intelligent about writing a Requiem mass?
Constanze Mozart: Money! Money!
Emanuel Schikaneder: She’s mad, Wolfie. Write it down please. Just write it down on paper. It’s no good to anybody in your head. To hell with your death mass.

Antonio Salieri: But why? Why would God choose an obscene child to be His instrument? It was not to be believed! This piece had to be an accident. It had to be!
Antonio Salieri: …It better be.

Kingdom of Heaven 2005 Top Movie Quotes

Kingdom of Heaven 2005 Top Movie Quotes

Kingdom of Heaven 2005 Top Movie Quotes 

It is the time of the Crusades during the Middle Ages – the world shaping 200-year collision between Europe and the East. A blacksmith named Balian has lost his family and nearly his faith. The religious wars raging in the far-off Holy Land seem remote to him, yet he is pulled into that immense drama. Amid the pageantry and intrigues of medieval Jerusalem he falls in love, grows into a leader, and ultimately uses all his courage and skill to defend the city against staggering odds. Destiny comes seeking Balian in the form of a great knight, Godfrey of Ibelin, a Crusader briefly home to France from fighting in the East. Revealing himself as Balian’s father, Godfrey shows him the true meaning of knighthood and takes him on a journey across continents to the fabled Holy City. In Jerusalem at that moment–between the Second and Third Crusades–a fragile peace prevails, through the efforts of its enlightened Christian king, Baldwin IV, aided by his advisor Tiberias, and the military

Balian of Ibelin: What is Jerusalem worth?
Saladin: Nothing.
[walks away]
Saladin: Everything!

Balian of Ibelin: [Saladin has just offered safe conduct in his terms] When the Christians captured Jerusalem, they massacred every Muslim in the city walls…Saladin: I am not those men. I am Salahudin.
[with more emphasis]
Saladin: Sala-hu-din!

Balian of Ibelin: What man is a man who does not make the world better.
Hospitaller: I put no stock in religion. By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of God. Holiness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves, and goodness. What God desires is here
[points to head]
Hospitaller: and here
[points to heart]
Hospitaller: and what you decide to do every day, you will be a good man – or not.

Godfrey of Ibelin: Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.Godfrey of Ibelin: [cuffs Balian with the back of his hand] And that’s so you remember it.
Hospitaller: Arise a knight and Baron of Ibelin.

King Baldwin IV: Come forward. I am glad to meet Godfrey’s son. He was one of my greatest teachers. He was there when, playing with the other boys, my arm was cut. It was he, not my father’s physicians, who noticed that I felt no pain. He wept when he gave my father the news… that I am a leper. The Saracens say that this disease is God’s vengence against the vanity of our kingdom. As wretched as I am, these Arabs believe that the chastisement that awaits me in hell is far more severe and lasting. If that’s true, I call it unfair. Come. Sit.[they sit down on opposite sides of a chessboard]
King Baldwin IV: Do you play?
Balian of Ibelin: No.
King Baldwin IV: The whole world is in chess. Any move can be the death of you. Do anything except remain where you started, and you can’t be sure of your end. Were you sure of your end once?
Balian of Ibelin: I was.
King Baldwin IV: What was it?
Balian of Ibelin: To be buried a hundred yards from where I was born.
King Baldwin IV: And now?
Balian of Ibelin: Now I sit in Jerusalem, and look upon a king.
King Baldwin IV: [Baldwin chuckles] When I was sixteen, I won a great victory. I felt in that moment I would live to be a hundred. Now I know I shall not see thirty. None of us know our end, really, or what hand will guide us there. A king may move a man, a father may claim a son, but that man can also move himself, and only then does that man truly begin his own game. Remember that howsoever you are played or by whom, your soul is in your keeping alone, even though those who presume to play you be kings or men of power. When you stand before God, you cannot say, “But I was told by others to do thus,” or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that.
Balian of Ibelin: I will.

Godfrey of Ibelin: You are not what you were born, but what you have within yourself to be.
Saladin: Who defends?
Imad: Balian of Ibelin, the son of Godfrey.
Saladin: Godfrey? Godfrey nearly killed me in the Lebanon. Truly, I did not know he had a son.
Imad: It was his son at Kerak.
Saladin: The one you let live?
Imad: Yes.
Saladin: Perhaps you should not have.
Imad: Perhaps I should have had a different teacher.

King Baldwin IV: A King may move a man, a father may claim a son, but remember that even when those who move you be Kings, or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God, you cannot say, “But I was told by others to do thus.” Or that, “Virtue was not convenient at the time.” This will not suffice. Remember that.

Balian of Ibelin: It is a kingdom of conscience, or nothing.

Balian of Ibelin: God will understand, my lord. And if he doesn’t, then he is not God and we need not worry.

Saladin: As-Salaam-AlaikumBalian of Ibelin: And peace be with you.

Balian of Ibelin: [to the people of Jerusalem] It has fallen to us, to defend Jerusalem, and we have made our preparations as well as they can be made. None of us took this city from Muslims. No Muslim of the great army now coming against us was born when this city was lost. We fight over an offence we did not give, against those who were not alive to be offended. What is Jerusalem? Your holy places lie over the Jewish temple that the Romans pulled down. The Muslim places of worship lie over yours. Which is more holy?[pause]
Balian of Ibelin: The wall? The Mosque? The Sepulchre? Who has claim? No one has claim.
[raises his voice]
Balian of Ibelin: All have claim!
Bishop, Patriarch of Jerusalem: That is blasphemy!
Almaric: [to the Patriarch] Be quiet.
Balian of Ibelin: We defend this city, not to protect these stones, but the people living within these walls.

Saladin: Will you yield the city?Balian of Ibelin: Before I lose it, I will burn it to the ground. Your holy places – ours. Every last thing in Jerusalem that drives men mad.
Saladin: I wonder if it would not be better if you did.

Jerusalem: Who do you think you are? Will you alter the world? Does making a man a knight make him a better fighter?Balian of Ibelin: [pause, turn slowly to face Bishop] Yes.

English Sergeant: [walking along the waterfront at Messina] When we took the Holy Land, we took the Saracen trading ports. The Italian ships carry silks and spices… and pilgrims, if they have money. And Italy becomes rich, as the Savior intended.Balian of Ibelin: [Balian sees a group of men praying on the beach] Who are those men?
English Sergeant: Muslims. Saracens.
Balian of Ibelin: And they are allowed their prayers?
English Sergeant: If they pay the tax. “Subhana Rabbi’l Adhim.”
[he turns to Balian]
English Sergeant: “Praise be to God. It is proper to praise him.”
Balian of Ibelin: Sounds like our prayers.

Saladin: [to Guy de Lusignan] A king does not kill a king. Were you not close enough to a great king to learn by his example?

Mullah: [just before the final assault on Jerusalem] Brothers! Brothers! God has sent you this day! You will take no prisoners! As they did, so shall it be done! Allahu akbar!
Muslim Soldiers: Allahu akbar!
Mullah: Allahu akbar!
Muslim Soldiers: Allahu akbar!
Mullah: Allahu akbar!
Muslim Soldiers: Allahu akbar!

Imad: Your quality will be known among your enemies, before ever you meet them.
Bishop, Patriarch of Jerusalem: The things that we have left undone plague us as death comes. That is why to the dying there is no comfort but the Lord.
King Baldwin IV: Spare me your sermon. Go and prepare your people for the coronation of my nephew.
Bishop, Patriarch of Jerusalem: Your confession, my lord.
King Baldwin IV: I shall confess to God when I see him… not to you. Now, leave me.

Richard’s Knight: We crusade to recover the kingdom of JerusalemBalian of Ibelin: Go till the men speak Italian and continue until they speak something else
Richard Coeur de Lion: We come along this road to find Balian of Ibelin, who defended Jerusalem against the Saracens.
Balian of Ibelin: I am a blacksmith
Richard Coeur de Lion: And I am the king of England
Balian of Ibelin: [pauses] I am a blacksmith.

Hospitaller: Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.
Reynald de Chatillon: [at a hearing in Tiberias’ chambers] Who says I raid?
Tiberias: That witness… all of Jerusalem… Holy God… and me.
Reynald de Chatillon: That “witness,” if you call him that, is a Saracen. He lies.
Tiberias: There will come a day, Reynald de Chatillon, when you are not protected by your title.
Reynald de Chatillon: Oh? When will that be? Alert me, Tiberias, when men are equal and the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived.
Tiberias: Those Templars have been hung for a raid that I KNOW you commanded!
Reynald de Chatillon: Prove it. I will wait at Kerak until you do.
Tiberias: The king will take your castle of Kerak, Reynald.
Reynald de Chatillon: Try to take it, Tiberias. I’ll be there.
[he walks out with a dirty look at the Saracen witness]
Muslim Grandee: [in Arabic] You’re letting him go? Why are you letting him go?
Tiberias: I cannot protect your caravans unless you agree to be escorted by our soldiers.
Muslim Grandee: [in English] I trade to make money, not to offend God by associating with Christians.
Tiberias: [hefting a sack of money] But you will take Christian gold.
Muslim Grandee: Gold is gold.
[Tiberias tosses it to him]
Tiberias: Of course.

Bishop, Patriarch of Jerusalem: Convert to Islam… repent later!Balian of Ibelin: You’ve taught me a lot about religion, your Eminence.

Hospitaller: One may stare into the light, until one becomes the light. I’ve done it many times.Balian of Ibelin: [throws a rock at a bush that catches fire by the spark] There’s your religion. One spark, a creosote bush. There’s your Moses. I did not hear it speak.
Hospitaller: That does not mean that there is no God. Do you love her?
Balian of Ibelin: Yes.
Hospitaller: The heart will mend. Your duty is to the people of the city. I go to pray.
Balian of Ibelin: For what?
Hospitaller: For the strength to endure what is to come.
Balian of Ibelin: And what is to come?
Hospitaller: The reckoning is to come for what was done one hundred years before. The Muslims will never forget. Nor should they.
[the Hospitaler slowly walks away as a second bush several yards from the burning one catches fire. The Hospitaler is nowhere to be seen in the clear and open desert]

Godfrey of Ibelin: I once fought two days with an arrow through my testicle.
Tiberias: But Saladin and the king between them would make a better world.
Hospitaller: If it lives only for a while, Tiberias, it still has lived.

Balian of Ibelin: [praying to his wife] how can you be in hell when you’re in my heart.
Balian of Ibelin: You go with the army?
Hospitaller: My order is with the army.
Balian of Ibelin: You go to certain death.
Hospitaller: All death is certain. I shall tell your father what I’ve seen you become.
[rides away]

Balian of Ibelin: What could a king ask of a man like me?Godfrey of Ibelin: A better world than has ever been seen. A kingdom of conscience. A kingdom of heaven.

Imad: [a Saracen knight yells at Balian in Arabic] He says, that is his horse.Balian of Ibelin: Why would it be his horse?
Imad: Because it is on his land.
Balian of Ibelin: I took this horse from the sea.
Imad: [Imad translates, the knight yells again] He says you are a great liar and he will fight you because you are a liar.
Balian of Ibelin: I have no desire to fight.
Imad: Then you must give him the horse.
[Balian draws his sword]

Tiberias: [to Balian] May God be with you, he’s no longer with me.3 of 3 found this interesting | Share this
Hospitaller: [while tending to Godfrey’s wounds] When shall we stop this madness?
Godfrey of Ibelin: It will soon be beyond my concern.
[Guy de Lusignan and his knights walk over to the campsite]
Guy de Lusignan: [pointing at Balian] Who is this?
Godfrey of Ibelin: My son.
Guy de Lusignan: Would I had fought you when you were still capable of making bastards.
[he laughs]
Godfrey of Ibelin: I knew your mother when she was making hers. Fortunately, you’re too old to be one of mine.
Guy de Lusignan: [Guy laughs again] All will be settled.

Balian of Ibelin: How can you be in hell, when you are in my heart?3 of 3 found this interesting | Share this
Odo: Have you been at war?
Balian of Ibelin: On horse. And as an engineer also.
Odo: Against whom and for whom did you fight?
Balian of Ibelin: For one lord against another, on a point which cannot be remembered.
Odo: There’s better game now: one God against another. The pay is proportionate.

Bishop: A law can go too far… it can go too far. I ask myself, ‘would Jesus do thusly?’ There is so much done in Christendom of which Christ would be incapable.3 of 3 found this interesting | Share this
Godfrey of Ibelin: It was not that they had no right to take you, it was the way they asked.
Balian of Ibelin: They had the right to take me.
Godfrey of Ibelin: So do I.

[last title card]
Title card: The King, Richard the Lionheart, went on to the Holy Land and crusaded for three years. His struggle to regain Jerusalem ended in an uneasy truce with Saladin. Nearly a thousand years later, peace in the Kingdom of Heaven remains elusive.

Sybilla: There will be a day when you will wish you had done a little evil to do a greater good.5 of 6 found this interesting | Share this
Nasir: [to Balian] … and if God does not love you, how could you have done the things you have done?

Tiberias: There is a rumour. We must condemn it immediately.Sybilla: Call it treason. And kill those who whisper it.
Tiberias: The rumour will die if we show the boy as active…
Sybilla: [bursts out] How long before he wears a mask? Will you have one made for him? How did my boy deserve it? Jerusalem is dead, Tiberias. No kingdom is worth my son alive in hell. I will go to hell instead.
[Tiberias steps forth and hugs Sibylla]

Balian of Ibelin: [a single horsemen is seen in the distance standing on top of a hill] They are here.Almaric: It is only one man.
Balian of Ibelin: No, they are here.
[the camera zooms out and makes the whole Saracen army visible behind the hill]

Hospitaller: Are you sorry for all your sins?Godfrey of Ibelin: [looking at Balian, his illegitimate son] For all but one.

King Baldwin IV: On your knees… lower. I am… Jerusalem. And you, Reynald, will give me the kiss of peace.[takes off glove]

Saladin: I pray you pull back your cavalry and leave this matter to me.King Baldwin IV: I pray you retire unharmed to Damascus. Reynald of Chatillon will be punished. I swear it. Withdraw or we will all die here.

Saladin: When I’m not King, I quake for Islam.2 of 2 found this interesting | Share this
King Baldwin IV: [to Sibylla] My beautiful sister. So beautiful. I’m sorry if I’ve caused you any pain. Remember me as I was.

Hospitaller: The blacksmith is the man you seek. His name is Balian. But know that he mourns. The burial that we passed at the crossroads was for his wife. Their child died. She was overcome by grief and killed herself.Godfrey of Ibelin: Do you still advise what you advised upon the road?
Hospitaller: I do, my lord.

Tiberias: That I would rather live with men than kill them is certainly why you are alive.Guy de Lusignan: [Chuckles] That sort of Christianity has its uses, I suppose…

King Baldwin IV: If you continue like this, I shall have to find some use for you. If God can spare you, that is.Balian of Ibelin: God does not know me.
King Baldwin IV: Yes, but I do.

Godfrey of Ibelin: Do you know what lies in the Holy Land? A new world. A man who, in France, had not a house, is, in the Holy Land, the master of a city. He who was the master of a city begs in the gutter. There, at the end of the world, you are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be.Balian of Ibelin: I have to find forgiveness. That’s all I know.
Godfrey of Ibelin: Whatever your position, you are of my house, and that means you will serve the King of Jerusalem.
Balian of Ibelin: What could a king ask of a man like me?
Godfrey of Ibelin: A better world than has ever been seen. A kingdom of conscience. A kingdom of heaven. There is peace between Christian and Muslim. We live together, or between Saladin and the king, we try. Did you think that lay at the end of a Crusade?
[Balian shakes his head]
Godfrey of Ibelin: It does. My son, you are all that survives me. Do not disappoint me.

Godfrey of Ibelin: [Balian catches up with Godfrey’s group after killing the village priest] If you’ve come to kill me… even these days, it is not easy. Well?Balian of Ibelin: I have done… murder.
Godfrey of Ibelin: Haven’t we all.
Balian of Ibelin: Is it true that in Jerusalem I can erase my sins… and those of my wife? Is it true?
Godfrey of Ibelin: We can find out together.

Sybilla: [walking] Do you fear being with me?Balian of Ibelin: No.
Balian of Ibelin: And yes.
Sybilla: [laughs] A woman in my place has two faces; one for the world, and one which she wears in private. With you I’ll be only Sibylla.
Sybilla: [hears a noise and turns her head. A servant hides behind a wall] Tiberias thinks me unpredictable. I am unpredictable.

Balian of Ibelin: This army will be destroyed, and the city left defenseless.Guy de Lusignan: When I wish a blacksmith to advise me in war, I will tell him.
Balian of Ibelin: Saladin wants you to come out. He is waiting for you to make that mistake.

Balian of Ibelin: A queen never walks. Yet you are walking.1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this
Saracen Messenger: The Sultan asks for his sister’s body, the heads of those responsible and the surrender of Jerusalem.
Guy de Lusignan: Does he?
Saracen Messenger: What is you reply?
Guy de Lusignan: This.
[Decapitates the messenger]

Reynald: [after raiding a peaceful caravan] I am what I am. Someone has to be.1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this
King Baldwin IV: Saladin has crossed the Jordan with 200,000 men.
Tiberias: He will make first for Kerak and Reynald de Chatillon.
Tiberias: [tries to help the King stand up] My lord.
King Baldwin IV: [rejects the help and stands up by himself] We must meet him before he reaches Kerak. I will lead the army.
Tiberias: My lord, if you travel, you’ll die.
King Baldwin IV: Send word to Balian to protect the villagers.
King Baldwin IV: Assemble the army.
[the Templars cheer]

Bishop, Patriarch of Jerusalem: [almost crying] Who do you think you are? Will you alter the world? Does making a man a knight make him a better fighter?Balian of Ibelin: Yes

Nasir: You reap what you sow. You have heard of this, no?1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this
Hospitaller: [Approaching the village where Balian lives] You know this place, my lord?
Godfrey of Ibelin: Know it? I know all of it.

Tiberias: [to Balian] You’re your father’s son. He was my friend. I’m yours.1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this
Sybilla: What becomes of us?
Balian of Ibelin: The world will decide. The world always decides.

Balian of Ibelin: Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Safeguard the helpless. Never lie, even if it leads to your death; that is your oath.[slap]
Balian of Ibelin: And that is so you don’t forget it. Rise a knight… rise a knight!

Guy de Lusignan: [about Sibylla] My wife does not lament my absences. And is either the best of wives… or the very, very worst.[leaves]
Tiberias: [to Sibylla as a toast] To the very best of wives.

Balian of Ibelin: Such as we are… you will be.1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this
Tiberias: I have given Jerusalem my whole life. First, I thought we were fighting for God. Then I realized we were fighting for wealth and land. I was ashamed.

Imad: This is not a very good horse… I will not keep him.[he hands the reins to Balian]

Patriarch of Jerusalem: When a body is burnt, it cannot be resurrected until Judgment Day.Balian of Ibelin: If we do not burn these bodies, we will all be dead of disease in three days. God will understand, my lord. And if he doesn’t… then he is not God, and we need not worry.

Reynald de Chatillon: Do you really think the king wants you head of the army once he’s gone? Hm? Think your wife does?Guy de Lusignan: I have a problem.
Reynald de Chatillon: Ah, yes. Balian. I saw him at Kerak. Celebrated.
[he leans in close to Guy]
Reynald de Chatillon: You must beware a popular man. Kill him.

Gravedigger: [Sybilla has cut her hair and disguised herself as a common nurse] You are not a sister.Sybilla: We are what we do.
Gravedigger: Then I’m a man who’s traveled a long way to die for nothing. What would you say to that?
[Balian walks by and Sybilla turns away]
Sybilla: I would say that I’m sorry.
Gravedigger: And I’m sorry for you… Queen of Jerusalem.

Son of Roger de Cormier: I am the son of Roger de…Godfrey of Ibelin: Take your helmet off while addressing me.
Son of Roger de Cormier: [the knight takes off his helmet and clears his throat] I am the son of Roger de Cormier.
[Godfrey stares at him]
Son of Roger de Cormier: I am accorded the privilege of ransom.
Godfrey of Ibelin: This is true.
[he walks away while the English sergeant drives a pickaxe through the knight’s skull]

Hospitaller: Where do you go?Old Pilgram: To Jerusalem, brother.
Hospitaller: By which road?
Old Pilgram: Someone knows… God knows.

Mullah: [the mullah pays a visit to Saladin in his tent after the battle at Kerak] Why did we retire? Why? God did not favor them. God alone determines the results of battles.Saladin: The results of battles ARE determined by God, but also by preparation, numbers, the absence of disease, and the availability of water. One cannot maintain a siege with the enemy behind. How many battles did God win for the Muslims before I came… that is, before God determined that I should come?
Mullah: Few enough. That’s because we were sinful.
Saladin: It is because you were unprepared.
Mullah: If you think that way, you shall not be king for long.
Saladin: [Saladin rises to his feet] When I’m not king, I quake for Islam. Thank you for your visit.
[the mullah does not budge; Saladin takes a step forward and extends his hand]
Saladin: Thank you for your visit.
[the mullah takes his meaning and grasps the offered hand]
Mullah: You promised. You promised to return Jerusalem. Don’t forget.
[he leaves]
Saladin: If I do not deliver war, I have no peace.
Imad: The King of Jerusalem will die soon. When he is dead, the boy will become king of a kingdom he cannot control. The Christians will make the war you need.

Almaric: You must have known him.Balian of Ibelin: What?
Almaric: Since you carry Godfrey’s sword, you must have known him.
Balian of Ibelin: I did.
Almaric: A man my size?
Balian of Ibelin: Yes.
Almaric: And green eyes?
Balian of Ibelin: [Balian hesitates for a moment before he realizes what is going on] Blue.
Almaric: [pause] Come with us… my lord.
[Almaric and his men bow to Balian]

Guy de Lusignan: [approaching a Muslim caravan] This caravan is armed, Reynald.Reynald: Good. No sport otherwise.
Guy de Lusignan: They’ve seen us. Go after them. The rider is getting away.
Reynald: It’s broad desert. Nothing will come of it, nothing.
Guy de Lusignan: I’d prefer not to be hanged before my wife is queen.
Reynald: Don’t worry. “Who but Reynald”, they’ll say. It’s always me. They’ll believe it in Jerusalem, I assure you. You were at Nazareth, praying.
Guy de Lusignan: You’re a dangerous man, Reynald.
Reynald: If the war’s to be now or later, I would have it now. How long can the leper last?
Templar Master: God wills it. God wills it!
Templars: God wills it!
Reynald: Jerusalem!
[all charge towards the Muslim caravan]
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priest exhorting Crusaders: To kill an infidel, the Pope has said, is not murder; it is the path to Heaven.
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Hospitaller: If the ribs are broken, the marrow will enter the blood and you will develop fever and die or a cyst will form and you will live.
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Almaric: They will ask for terms. We *must* ask for terms.
Jerusalem: Convert to Islam, repent later.
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[first lines]
Gravedigger: Crusaders.
Squire: Clear the road, if you will.
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[first title cards]
Title card: It is almost 100 years since Christian armies from Europe seized Jerusalem.
Title card: Europe suffers in the grip of repression and poverty. Peasant and lord alike flee to the Holy Land in search of fortune or salvation.
Title card: One Knight returns home in search of his son.
Title card: France 1184

Reynald: I drink water for what it is.Saladin: I did not give the cup to you.
Reynald: No, my Lord.
Saladin: A king does not kill a king.

Guy de Lusignan: Give me a war.Reynald: That is what I do.

Bishop, Patriarch of Jerusalem: Who are you? Do you think you can change the World? Does making a man a knight make him a better fighter?Balian of Ibelin: [pause, turn slowly to face Bishop] Yes.

[last lines]Richard Coeur de Lion: We come by this road to find Balian, who was defender of Jerusalem.
Balian of Ibelin: I am the blacksmith.
Richard Coeur de Lion: And I am the king of England.
Balian of Ibelin: [pauses] I am the blacksmith.

Tiberias: There will be a day, Reynald de Chatillon, when you will no longer be protected by your title.Reynald: Oh? And when will that be?

King Baldwin IV: I felt in that moment that I would live to be a hundred. Now I know I shall not see thirty.
Godfrey of Ibelin: Get me some more wine.
Hospitaller: [to Balian] You sail now for Jerusalem as your father wished. If God has purpose for you there, he’ll keep you safe in his hands.[pauses]
Hospitaller: If not, God bless you.

Reynald: Who says I raid?Tiberias: That witness, all of Jerusalem, Holy God! – and me.
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Templar Master: We should meet the enemies of God!
Guy de Lusignan: And so we shall.
Tiberias: Then you do so without my knights.
Guy de Lusignan: Then I will have the glory, Tiberias. You had yours, years ago. It’s time for mine.
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Godfrey of Ibelin: [Director’s Cut, before caving in his nephew’s skull] Thank my brother for his love!

Richard’s Knight: We crusade to recover the city of Jerusalem.Balian of Ibelin: You go to where the men speak Italian, and then continue until they speak something else.

Priest: You always turn the other cheek. I think that you conceive yourself without sin..

Hospitaller: [while watching the public execution of some Templars in Jerusalem] The king has made a peace with Saladin these past six years. He holds Jerusalem as a place of prayer for all faiths, as the Muslims did before we came. These men are Templars. They killed Arabs.
Balian of Ibelin: So they are dying for what the Pope would command them to do.
Hospitaller: Yes… but not Christ, I think. Nor this king.

Imad: [discussing how to break Jerusalem’s defenses] The wall where the Christopher Gate used to be has been weakened.Saracen Engineer: Yes, usually when a gate is blocked in, it is weaker than the wall around it.
Mullah: Or stronger.
Imad: It is weaker, Rashid has seen it. This will be our door into Jerusalem.