Inspirational Quotes about Ambition: pro and against ambition

Inspirational Quotes about Ambition pro and against ambition

Inspirational Quotes about Ambition pro and against ambition

Here are 33 Quotes and Sayings about Ambition. some sayings against Ambitions and others are praising. I am with Ambition, there is no success without ambition. but some people in the past may be thought ambition is greed, that is why we will see different opinions about Ambition.

1. All are desirous to win the prize.

2. Ambition has no rest. Bulwer.

3. Ambition hath one heel nailed in hell,
Though she stretches her fingers to touch the

heavens. Lilly.

4. Ambition is as hollow as the soul of an echo.

5. Ambition is no cure for love. Scott.

6. Ambition is the last infirmity of noble minds.

7. Ambition is the mind’s immodesty. Davenant.

8. Ambition is the soldier’s virtue.

9. Ambition is the way in which a vulgar man
aspires. Beecher.

10. Ambition is torment enough for an enemy.

11. Ambition knows no gorge but the grave.

Carl Seelbach.

12. Ambition like a torrent ne’er looks back.

Ben Jonson.

13. Ambition, thou powerful source of good or ill.


14. Blind ambition quite mistakes her road.


15. Blood only serves to wash the ambition’s hands.


16. Black ambition stains a public cause. 

17. By jumping at the stars you may fall in the

18. Climb not too high lest the fall be the

19. Earth’s worst tempters, gold and ambition.


20. Fling away ambition, by that sin, fell the

21. He cannot see the river, his heart is set on
leaping the dragon gate. Chinese.

22. He has gone in search of the (fabulous) birds
of the sea. {Said of an ambitious person.^ Kaffir.

23. He that cuts above himself will get splinters
in his eye.

24. He that heweth above his height may have
a chip in his eye.

25. He who would rise in the world should veil
his ambition with the forms of humanity. Chinese.

26. He would fain fly but wants feathers.

27. He would open his hand in order to grasp
the moon in the heavens, he would plunge into the
sea to grasp leviathan. Chinese.

28. In heaven, ambition cannot dwell.

29. It is a mean ambition to be the ‘squire of
the company.

30. Proud ambition is but a beggar. Daniel.

31. The trap to the high born is ambition.

32. There is no eel so small but it hopes to be-
come a whale. 

33 There is nothing humbler than ambition
when it is about to climb. Franklin.