Murder Over New York (1940)

Charlie Chan: Desire to live still the strongest instinct in Man.

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On a New York City-bound plane, Charlie Chan greets a friend, Inspector Hugh Drake, military intelligence, formerly with Scotland Yard, who shows Chan a newspaper headline referring to aircraft sabotage. He details to Charlie the sabotage was directed to the British colonies and now to the United States, by a certain individual named Paul Narvo, heading the ring of saboteurs and his Hindu servant named Ramallah.

The man has eluded him to date. The inspector has also been tracking the suspect’s wife around the globe, believing now, she is in New York. He divulges to Chan, he has the man’s fingerprints and photograph, and the same of his wife in his briefcase.

Starred by Sidney Toler, Marjorie Weaver, Robert Lowery 

Best Quotes of Watch Murder Over New York

Charlie Chan: [to Drake] British tenacity with Chinese patients like a royal flush in a poker game – unbeatable.

Charlie Chan: Coincidence like an ancient egg – leave an unpleasant odor.


Charlie Chan: Number Two Son very promising detective… promise very much, produce very little.

Jimmy Chan: Say, Pop, what d’ya think about this?
Charlie Chan: Like a dog chasing his own tail – getting no place.


Jimmy Chan: Come on, Pop. Let’s get goin’!
Charlie Chan: Number Two get going to bed.
Jimmy Chan: Oh, but I’m not tired.
Charlie Chan: Fresh weed better than the wilted rose.

Charlie Chan: [to Jimmy] Will inform mother that aid from Number Two Son like interest on a mortgage – impossible to escape.


Charlie Chan: One man with a gun has more authority than the whole army without ammunition.

Jimmy Chan: I’ll never go on a case like this again without a gat.
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Hugh Drake: …it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.
Charlie Chan: Needle can be found when the correct thread located.

Insp. Vance: Looks like the kid’s right again, Charlie.
Jimmy Chan: [Excitedly] See, it’s the easiest nut I ever cracked!
Charlie Chan: Easy nut to crack often empty.

Charlie Chan: Happy situation never see the light of day if truth kept in dark.

Insp. Vance: [Exasperated at the size of the lineup] I never knew there were so many Hindus in New York!

Charlie Chan: [to Patricia] Eye easily deceived. The same leopard can hide behind different spots.