Happy Death Day (2017) Top Quotes and Review

Happy Death Day (2017) Top Quotes and Review

A teenage girl, trying to enjoy her birthday, soon realizes that this is her final one. That is, if she can figure out who her killer is. She must relive that day, over and over again, dying in a different way each time. Can she solve her own murder?

Tree Gelbman: [to Carter] Would you stop looking at me like I just took a dump on your mom’s head?

Tree Gelbman: Tim, I know you’re really not into girls. But it’s okay. Love is love. Now go out there and get yourself a fine piece of man-ass!

Tree Gelbman: [to Tim] Who takes their date to Subway? Besides, it’s not like you have a footlong.
Tree Gelbman: [to her arresting officer] Thank you!

[repeated line]

Carter Davis: Oh hey. You’re up!

Tree Gelbman: [frustrated] Silence!