Criminal (2016) Trailer and Movie Quotes

 Criminal (2016) Trailer and Movie Quotes

Jericho Stewart: [repeatedly] You hurt me… I hurt you worse

Emma Pope: You don’t remember me but I know you.

Jericho Stewart: [after pharmacist says medication is “on the house”] Cheers.
[pause. Jericho realizes he’s talking like Pope]
Jericho Stewart: Who the fuck says “cheers”?

[last lines]
Bill Pope: Fucking psycho
[gets electrocuted]

[last lines]
Dr. Franks: [dryly on Jericho] You want to cut him loose?
[last lines]
Quaker Wells: [deadpan] No I want to offer him a job!

Quaker Wells: They don’t matter.
Jericho Stewart: They do to me.

[last lines]
Xavier Heimdahl: [on seeing a missile homing back on his plane] Fuck Me

Jericho Stewart: [on seeing Xavier] You’re the one who killed me
Xavier Heimdahl: [scoffs] Good memory
Jericho Stewart: You hurt me… I hurt you worse
Xavier Heimdahl: [gloats] Good creed
[gleefully reveals he’s electrified the metal door Jericho is opening]

[repeated line]
Jericho Stewart: Hurt me… I hurt you worse
Jericho Stewart: Dutchman fixed it… I told him you hurt me I hurt you worse
Jericho Stewart: [still standing after being shot with a tranquilizer] You’re gonna need another one

Dr. Franks: Looks like Bill is here to stay

Xavier Heimdahl: I just want to leave a little goodbye gift

Quaker Wells: You wanted to use a death row inmate instead of a Seal Team Leader