Before I Hang (1940)

Before I Hang (1940) Free streaming Crime Movie

Starred by: Boris Karloff, Evelyn Keyes, Bruce Bennett

A physician on death row for a mercy killing is allowed to experiment on a serum using a criminals’ blood but secretly tests it on himself. He gets a pardon but finds out he’s become a Jekyll-&-Hyde.

Watch Before I Hang (1940) Best Quotes

Dr. John Garth: Someday, somehow, medical science will find a way to end the needless, ghastly suffering caused by the ravages of age!


‘Dr. John Garth: And when my body is brought back from the autopsy room, apply the tests that I’ve outlined to you.

Dr. Ralph Howard: But…

Dr. John Garth: …and you must forget that we’ve worked together, that we are friends. You must go on! Learn what you can from the study of my heart, my brain, and my blood!

Dr. John Garth: There’s a curtain, a wall I can’t get through.

Dr. John Garth: Well, you want to go on living, don’t you?


victor Sonsini: Why I’ve had a very full life, I… After all, man’s span of life is only supposed to be threescore and ten.

Dr. John Garth: Who made that rule? George, your old age is a disease, and I can cure it!

Victor Sonsini: You know, it’s not so easy to say the end is coming – the fire is burned out!

Capt. McGraw: Dr. Garth, whatever he is, is the first man I’ve ever met who was polite to me and still made the chills run up and down my spine!