At Gunpoint (1955) Best Quotes

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The peace-loving owner of a general store, who became a town hero when he luckily killed the leader of a gang of bank robbers, is deserted by the townspeople who fear the threatened return of the vengeful bandits.

Starred by Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Malone, Walter Brennan

At Gunpoint (1955) Best Movie Quote

[first lines]
[Bob Dennis is practicing aiming and firing his gun]
Alvin Dennis: You’re sure itchin’ to use that thing again, ain’t ya?
Bob Dennis: Never hurts to be ready.
Alvin Dennis: You’re always ready. Put it away.
Bob Dennis: You’re nervous, huh?
Alvin Dennis: Yeah, well, I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for you.

Bob Dennis: I’m sick of these two-bit towns. What’s wrong with a place like Abilene for instance?
Alvin Dennis: Everything, as far as we’re concerned.
Bob Dennis: They’re bound to have a lot of cash on hand. They’ve got to pay off the trail drives.
Alvin Dennis: That’s just it. Where’s there’s a lot of cash, there’s a lot of guns.
Bob Dennis: We’re not exactly amateurs.
Alvin Dennis: That’s why we’re alive. And we’ll stay that way as long as we stick to the small towns.

The Stranger: Jack Wright? For some reason or other that name sounds familiar.
Jack Wright: Yeah, it should. I’m a local hero.
The Stranger: You don’t say.
Jack Wright: You’re looking at the man who shot the notorious Alvin Dennis from a distance of half a mile… with a slingshot.

Bob Dennis: I’m going to get him. I’m going to get him if it’s the last thing I do. And he’s mine. No matter what happens, he’s mine… do you understand? All you have to do is cover me. And we’re not leavin’ that town till that storekeeper’s guts have been shot out.