Aladdin (2019) Top Movie Quotes and Trailer. Must Watch Movie!

Aladdin (2019) Top Movie Quotes and Trailer. Must Watch Movie!

Aladdin (2019) Top Movie Quotes and Trailer.

A beautiful Love story. comedy and action with beautiful plot and great music. we collected the top quotes of Aladdin Movie for you

Aladdin who regularly steals to get by with the aid of his pet monkey, Abu. One day while roaming the streets, Aladdin spots a beautiful girl who gets in trouble after giving away bread to children without paying. Aladdin comes to her rescue, and together they get chased by the Royal Guards. After a while, they elude their pursuers, and Aladdin takes the girl to his place for some tea. The girl calls herself Dalia and is the handmaiden to the Princess of Agrabah. She suddenly has to leave as another suitor for the princess, Prince Anders, arrives. Dalia happens to be Princess Jasmine and Dalia is the name of her handmaid and best friend. Meanwhile, The Sultan’s trusted counselor, Jafar, is plotting to overthrow the Sultan by getting his hands on the Magic Lamp. However, it is hidden in an enchanted Cave of Wonders, and only the “Diamond in the Rough” may enter, which he is not. So, he spends weeks searching for this Diamond in the Rough.

Aladdin (2019) Top Movie Quotes

Genie: I made you look like a prince on the outside, but I didn’t change anything on the inside. Prince Ali got you to the door, but Aladdin has to open it.

Aladdin: This girl, she’s a princess…
Genie: Aren’t they all?

Aladdin (2019) Top Movie Quotes and Trailer

[Aladdin bungles his courtship of Jasmine]
Genie: In ten thousand years, I have never been so embarrassed.

Cave of Wonders: [from teaser trailer] Only one may enter here. One whose worth lies far within. The diamond in the rough.

Aladdin: Hey, can you make me a prince?
Genie: There’s a lot of gray area in “make me a prince”. I can just… make you a prince.
[creates a prince out of thin air]
Aladdin: Oh, no!
Genie: Right. You’d be snuggled up with that dude for the rest of your life.
Prince: Y’all saw my palace?
Genie: Be specific with your words. The deal is in the details.

Genie: It’s showtime!
Aladdin: No, I’m in charge, and I decide when it’s time to…
[Genie blows Aladdin over to Jasmine]
Aladdin: Really?

Aladdin and Genie Quotes

Genie: [from the trailer; in a deep voice] O great one who summons me / I stand by my oath: loyalty to wishes three!
[Aladdin stares]
Genie: [in his normal voice] I’m kidding, watch this…
[sings “Friend Like Me”]

Aladdin: Do we need the topknot?
Genie: That’s like my whole cherry on top!

Aladdin and Jasmine

Jasmine: How did you get past the guards?
Aladdin: That was challenging.
Jasmine: You cannot just break into a palace like you own the place.
Aladdin: If you don’t have anything, you have to act like you own everything.

Aladdin: [from official trailer] I thought a princess could go anywhere.
Jasmine: Not this princess.

[last lines]
Jasmine: Stop thief. Your Sultan commands it.
Aladdin: Sultan. Does that mean I’m in trouble?
Jasmine: Only because you got caught.

Dalia: A handsome prince wants to marry you. Oh, when will life get easier?

Aladdin (2019)  Trailer

Jafar: I can make you rich… rich enough to impress a princess.
Aladdin: What do I have to do?
Jafar: There’s a cave of wonders. Bring me a lamp.

Genie: [from official trailer; to Aladdin] You really don’t know who I am? Genie, wishes, lamp, none of that ringing a bell?

Aladdin: [form official trailer; to Jasmine] Do you trust me?

Aladdin: Face it, princess, sometimes you just have to take a risk.

Jasmine: [opens her door] You!
Aladdin: [Holding a drinking tray] Tea?

Aladdin: Can you give me a hand?
Jafar: First, the lamp.
Aladdin: No. No, first your hand.
Jafar: We don’t have much time. Give me the lamp.

Genie: [last line; At the ending of the dancing finale] You ain’t never had a friend like me.

Jafar: [from second teaser trailer; to Aladdin] Bring me the lamp. Your life begins now, Aladdin.

Aladdin: Do you trust me?
[Aladdin holds out his arm]
Jasmine: What did you say?
Aladdin: Do you trust me?

Jafar: [seriously] Jams?
Iago: Jams?

Aladdin: Abu, no!
Cave of Wonders: You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now, you will never again see the light of day!

Genie: O Great One who summons me, Terrible One who commands me, I stand by my oath, loyalty to wishes three!
[Aladdin can only muster a faint terrified squeal]

Jafar: So, do we have a deal?

Jafar: Genie, I wish to be the most powerful sorcerer there is!
Genie: As you wish, master.

Aladdin: We have jams!
Jafar: Jams?
Iago: Jams.
Aladdin: Yes, jams! Yam jams, fig jams…
Dalia: Yam jams!
Aladdin: A-and date jams! Seedless, delicious, ex-exotic jams!
Genie: Move. Away. From the jams.

Cave of Wonders: Who disturbs my slumber?
Aladdin: Uh, it is I, Aladdin.
Cave of Wonders: Proceed. Touch nothing but the lamp.

Jafar: Genie, for my final wish: I wish to become the most powerful being in the universe. More powerful than you!
Genie: Without a grey area in that wish. But… Most powerful being in the universe, coming right up!
[Genie transforming Jafar into a genie, Jafar cackling]
Jafar: The most powerful in the universe, at last!

Jafar: [about the prisoners sent by one of the guards] You seem to bring me the rough, but not the diamond.